William Shatner (‘The Masked Singer’ Knight) unmasked interview: ‘I can’t tell you how horrible it was’

Season 8 of “The Masked Singer” premiered on Wednesday night, introducing four new mystery celebrities in wild, extravagant costumes. Only one could advance in the competition and the first contestant eliminated was the Knight. The noble fighter riding a golden goose was revealed to be 91-year old Emmy winner William Shatner.

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“It was horrible,” the legendary actor told host Nick Cannon during his unmasked interview. “I can’t tell you how horrible it was. I couldn’t see anything. I can’t walk. The noise was deafening. The mask was obliterating. Oh, was that fun!”

Judge Robin Thicke mentioned he was lucky to have “Mr. Shatner” as a family friend of his father’s (Alan Thicke) for many years. Shatner responded that he has known Robin since he was very young and, “You could sing even then.” Despite Shatner being a friend of Robin’s, it was Jenny McCarthy who was the only judge to correctly guess the Knight’s identity. Robin thought he was Weird Al Yankovic, Ken Jeong guessed David Hasselhoff and Nicole Scherzinger said John Lithgow.

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Shatner was the first celebrity to be unmasked on Season 8. He sang “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Fred Astaire.

Some of the other costumes that will make their grand debuts in later weeks are Avocado, Beetle, Bride, Fortune Teller, Lambs, Maize, Milkshake, Mummies, Panther, Pi-Rat, Robo Girl, Scarecrow, Sir Bug a Boo, Venus Fly Trap and Walrus. See high-res photos of all of these masked singers in our photo gallery below.

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