Grammy Awards music forum reactions: What are fans saying?

The people posting in our infamous forums, many of whom are music insiders who shield their true identities behind clever screen names, pulled no punches when it came to sizing up the winners at the 65th Grammy Awards. As you can see from a sampling of their reactions to the 2023 Grammy winners on Sunday night, passions ran high as the results unfolded.  What were the upsets at the Grammys that left them with their jaws on the floor? Which winners were the most deserving? Which losses were our posters not able to get over?

Take a look at what was dished out over the three-hour ceremony. Read more and share your own thoughts here.

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Below is just a sampling of our readers’ brutally honest Grammy Awards reactions to the winners in some of the televised categories. Take a look, then join in if you’re brave enough. The 2023 Grammy winners were announced on Sunday, February 5, during two different ceremonies in dozens of categories honoring the best music of the year across a wide range of genres. Most of the awards went out during the Premiere Ceremony that streamed online starting at 3:30pm Eastern/12:30pm Pacific, while the rest were handed out at the prime time telecast (8:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Pacific) hosted for the third year in a row by Trevor Noah on CBS.

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ALBUM OF THE YEAR – Harry Styles (“Harry’s House”)


almanzarlamarcarlile: “Actually disgraceful. FUMING SO MUCH.”

lhdang2000: “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical is still the best precursor haha”

ProfessorChaos: “You gave the Dance Album Grammy that should’ve gone to Swedish House Mafia to Beyonce. CONGRATS HARRY”

Che: “These people don’t deserve Beyoncé”

Alexandra: “This is truly the most unpredictable Grammys EVER!!”

M: “People who are like “Beyoncé didn’t win because she isn’t a songwriter”, yeah because Harry Styles is lol”

Lorenzo Dillard: “Beyoncé WAS robbed!!!”


RECORD OF THE YEAR – Lizzo (“About Damn Time”)
Victor Cruz: “Omg. Everyone won something Lmfaoo.”

P(oweR) Valley: “They really spread the love to everyone! Love it!”

NDA: “I’m gagged”

Sir Shaw: “Come thru Lizzo”

daniel: “100000% deserved, congrats lizzo”


willum: “I love this year’s winners omg it should be more unpredictable like this in the future”


SONG OF THE YEAR – Bonnie Raitt (“Just Like That”)
Andresg770: “The fact that this didn’t go to a big song makes me take the category more seriously tbh.”


peloepx: “Whoever got this in the predictions deserves a Grammy too”

Melodies: “Her face when she was announced I’m dying.”

M: “The Grammy’s have become so unpredictable after many years of predictability.”



Che: “Deserved!!! It’s giving Esperanza Spalding”

alex.g: “I think I have almost all my predictions for the main show wrong now.”

norman: “she sang beautifully in the premiere show, love her”

Deemy: “Greatest Grammy night ever!! 😭😭😭”

gabspss: “Anitta robbed”

ejaru1810: “The Grammys are serving taste in the General Field”


James Gibson: “adele and harry should’ve switched categories, but still CONGRATS QUEEN”

M: “Who still thinks producers don’t know the winners lol? I mean look who they got to present?”

Deemy: “Adele getting Pop Solo!!! Deserved!!!”

Bridgers13: “I love Adele and her ballads so much, don’t care what anyone says.”

P(oweR) Valley: “Adele remains undefeated in Pop Solo.”


BEST POP DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE – Sam Smith & Kim Petras (“Unholy”)
Anthagiox: “Oh, my God. I would’ve preferred a BTS win.”

Bridgers13: “And we still gonna have to see them performing that”

Melodies: “First openly trans performer to win a Grammy. That’s huge.”

James Gibson: “the sophie and madonna homages were so right”

Anna Artdeco: “That was a beautiful acceptance speech”


BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM – Harry Styles (“Harry’s House”)
norman: “omg harry winning over adele that’s something”

rue: “I spent so long filling out my Adele sweep predictions last night too…”

Ace James: “YAY I’m really happy for Harry. Also glad he put on a jacket he looks much better”

Cameron: “I really wanted 30 to win 🙁 omg”

Ziggiy: “The dethroning of Adele is taking place live and on living color…”

Jam_packed: “I called it a while ago. Harry is their new British pop darling.”


Aint2Proud2Beg: “Here we go!!BeYawnCe again”


lovetodream: “beyonce is now the most awarded artist in grammy history.”

ejaru1810: “They let Corden present this award when they had Viola right there. F*** THEM!!!”


BEST R&B SONG – Beyonce (“Cuff It”)
GusCruz: “This is like Anthony Hopkins winning the Oscar and not being there lmao”

James Gibson: “not bey being on traffic lol”

Victor Cruz: “Trevor is so obnoxious. Will he be saying how Beyonce keeps breaking records everytime she wins. Omg. Help us get through this awful show.”

Andresg770: “Mary looks PISSED lol”

oliviasweep2022: “if she doesn’t win the aoty the grammys will entirely lose their credibility, that woman is so talented and has contributed so much to the music industry, how come she doesn’t have one yet? that’s complete BS please…..”


BEST RAP ALBUM – Kendrick Lamar (“Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers”)
added: “Kendrick dressed like he got out of his house to take a walk.”

James Gibson: “Kendrick dressed like he got out of his house to take a walk.”

Gucci: “Honey, get it Kendrick Lamar!  17X-Grammy Award winner.  Surprised he attended this bull**** ass show.”


BEST COUNTRY ALBUM – Willie Nelson (“A Beautiful Time”)
Atypical: “Willie Nelson! Legends only.”

Cameron: “Willie Nelson never shows up lol”


BEST MUSICA URBANA ALBUM – Bad Bunny (“Un Verano Sin Ti”)
Anthaglox: “Biggest artist in the world right now deserves to win more but he’ll get this one and the Grammys will push him aside.”


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