‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars’ episode 2 performances ranked: All 10 acts from worst to best

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” aired its second episode Monday night with 10 more acts performing for a coveted spot in The Finals. The new spin-off series features former “Got Talent” contestants from America and beyond, competing in a seven-week showdown to determine which ultimate all-star will claim the title of “Got Talent World Champion.” Longtime series judges Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum return to the judges’ panel with Terry Crews on stage for hosting duties.

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In each of these first rounds, only two acts from each episode will advance to The Finals. One will be hand-selected by one of the judges via the Golden Buzzer and the other is voted through by a collection of superfans from across the country. Last night Detroit Youth Choir earned the Golden Buzzer from Terry and Aidan Bryant was voted through. These acts join the Bello Sisters and Light Balance Kids in the Finals.  Did the fans and judges get it right? Below are my Top 10 rankings for Monday’s second episode of “AGT: All-Stars.”

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Season 1 Episode 2 rankings:

10. Vitoria Bueno: The runner-up of “Das Supertalent” hit “AGT” with passion and grace, probably winning over many ballet fans along the way. But this is “AGT” and ballet has not had a great track record over the years. Bueno’s story is incredible and she’s got an amazing personality. Her dancing is even more impressive. If she had competed on “America’s Got Talent,” this would be a completely different conversation and she would be right in my top spots. But putting this performance against the others, I was not surprised that she came so very close but did not get a spot in the finale.

9. Tone the Chief: In Season 8 of “AGT” this rapper made it all the way to the finale. Looking to replicate and improve upon his “AGT” record, Tone the Chief returned to the stage and performed in front of Simon for the very first time. No pressure….right? Well, it turns out that this act may have been ahead of its time then, but is so very cheesy now. Not quite sure who called them to come back, but we did not need the return of “Booty.” Heidi was beyond happy to see him back and I was really hoping for a surprise Mel B appearance. Instead, we got the song and visuals of Tone running through the audience. I’m not sure what the judges were thinking, but they loved the performance. Social media had more of a reaction akin to me: Thank you, next.

8. Divyansh & Manuraj: The winners of the ninth season of “India’s Got Talent” are incredibly gifted and their performances that season went viral. This particular act fell short. But to focus on the good over the bad, I have to start with that jacket that looked like a mixture of Michael Jackson meets Mad Max. The sight of the crowd rocking alongside them was a joy to see (even if I wasn’t as impressed). I really hope that people look up their past performances, which are a lot more impressive. Brooklyn meets Bollywood is a fun concept — and I highly expect to see them become even bigger stars than they already are after this. Social media loved their act and many were upset that they did not advance further in the competition.

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7. Detroit Youth Choir: In Season 14 of “AGT” Detroit Youth Choir won the hearts of America with its inspiring performances, eventually becoming the runners-up for that cyle. The kids are a little older now but still pack a wallop. The performance was exciting and the crowd loved every second of it. Saying that, the Golden Buzzer that they received the first time was more than deserved while the one that they received on Monday was a major surprise given their competition. Also worth noting that Terry gave them the fast pass twice now. I genuinely like this act and wish them all the best in the finale even though I was not as impressed by this performance as I have been by many of their previous ones.

6. Jackie Fabulous: I would be lying if I said I remembered Jackie Fabulous from Season 14 of “AGT,” where she was a quarter-finalist. Instead I always associate her with her podcast “Relatable with Jackie Fabulous.” If you have yet to check that out, do so. Absolutely worth your time! I loved her confidence this time around. The crowd seemed to like Jackie more than they did on her original season. The judges still enjoy her, especially Howie. It was an obvious improvement from her first appearance on “AGT.”

5. Sara James: Back in 2022, Sara James participated in the 17th season of “AGT,” where she was a finalist and Simon’s Golden Buzzer recipient. A few months have passed since then and she returned for another shot at victory. My initial thought was “Yes! She is back!” but at the same time, I remembered fans’ cold reaction to her last time. Her rendition of a Harry Styles hit was great but a very strategic one as well. Even if she did not advance to the finale, fans of the superstar would eventually find this cover, bringing Sara new fans along the way. The vocals were incredible and the only minor thing I would have altered is her outfit, which looked a bit Barbie doll.

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4. Jamie Leahey: The runner-up from Season 15 of “Britain’s Got Talent” takes his act stateside. Jamie is a star in the making. The art of ventriloquism is in good hands as he strikes me as the British version of Darci Lynne but slightly less confident (and with a less impressive singing voice). The chicken puppet was adorable and added something a bit extra to the act. Hitting on Simon and Heidi (but not Howie) was just genius. Did I think he had a chance to advance? No, not in a country mile. Saying that, Jamie strikes me as the type to become a children’s television star one day alongside his feathery friend.

3. Malevo: The semi-finalists from the 11th season of “AGT” were not only fan favorites but undoubtedly one of the most memorable acts that season. Looking to dance their way to victory, they returned with passion and precision. The performance, per usual, was incredible. This act was actually the one that I thought the super fans would vote through, which they did not. It was by far the most exciting of the night. The judges and crowd loved the performance with Simon calling it “perfection.” Simon actually wanted to give them the Golden Buzzer, but alas it was in the hands of one Terry Crews instead.

2. Aidan Bryant: Last seen on Season 16, Aidan Bryant soared all the way to the runner-up position. This time around, Aidan is aiming even higher looking for the win that eluded him. Luckily, the super fans agreed, voting him into the finale after THAT performance, which was already finale-worthy. Aidan returned with even more showmanship than expected, partnered with even more personality. The mere fact that he used zero nets in this act was terrifying. Yet, Aidan made it look like he does this performance in his sleep. As of now, Aidan is my pick to win it all if neither Terry nor Dustin return in some capacity.

1. Dustin Tavella: Speaking of the 16th season of “AGT,” Dustin Tavella returned to win a second time. The magician won the hearts of America and the world last time and continued where he left off. The trick was incredible and wowed me in every sense of the word. His ability to combine his life story to his illusions is a Dustin Tavella trademark. Nobody does it quite like him. The judges and crowd loved him and he added yet another jewel to his “AGT” crown. I loved every second of this performance and cannot wait to see if he is a wild card pick, if there is one.

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