‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars’: Who are YOU rooting for to win? [POLL]

Now that we know the identities of the 11 finalists for Season 1 of “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars,” it’s time to cast your votes and tell us who YOU are rooting for to win. (Click here for photos of the finalists.) The finale of this “America’s Got Talent” spin-off series is set for Monday, February 20 on NBC. That’s when the “AGT” superfans will determine, once and for all, which act will receive the $25,000 grand prize. Vote in our poll below.

First up though is a recap special entitled “Finals Preview: From the Judges’ Desk,” which will air Monday, February 13. That episode will serve to refresh your memory on who the superfans voted for each week as well as which acts earned coveted Golden Buzzers from judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel and host Terry Crews.

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All season long, Gold Derby contributor John Benutty has been live-blogging “AGT: All-Stars.” Here are his quick-takes on all 11 finalists on NBC’s reality TV show:

Bello Sisters: The first audition of the season came from Bello Sisters, a top 10 finalist from season 15 when performances were presented virtually due to the pandemic. They did not make the finale that year so “All-Stars” marks their first time back on stage live in front of the judges since their very first audition. Tonight the acrobatic trio created towering shapes by contorting and balancing their bodies on one another’s limbs while blazes of fire erupted around their elevated stage. Heidi said that they have the kind of act that the audience doesn’t want to stop, referring to their “beauty and strength and excitement.” Howie called them the “epitome of women supporting women” and Simon called it “as close to perfection” as he’s ever seen.

Light Balance Kids: Finalists from season 14, Light Balance Kids returned to the stage from Ukraine where they not only escaped the devastation of their country but also to show the world that “light always wins.” Their light show tonight took on the theme of arcade games. At the end of the performance the kids explained that because some of their members couldn’t make it, original members of Light Balance volunteered to help them out. Simon called it their best performance “by a mile,” calling it brilliant on top of their story. He said that they define “all-star.” Howie said they’ve always been one of his favorite acts in the history of the show and  with their important message they are even more deserving than ever of receiving his Golden Buzzer! That strike of the button means they advance straight to The Finals for a chance to win.

Aidan Bryant: Also from season 16 was self-taught aerialist Aidan Bryant who finished as runner-up, losing to Dustin. Aidan promised that since the show he’s improved in flexibility and lines and returned in order to prove he can win. Heidi was impressed that he used no attachments to hold on and that he was able to recover from a slight mistake in the air. Howie admitted that single person aerial acts are not his favorite, but that he did something better than he’s ever done before. Simon called him “one of the most talented contestants we’ve ever had” and said tonight’s performance “a 10.”

Detroit Youth Choir: Another act that was runner-up on their original season 14 was Detroit Youth Choir, a group that earned Terry’s Golden Buzzer that season. Tonight they sang a remix of the Imagine Dragons song “Thunder” with rap solos and group dance choreography. Following their performance the audience was chanting “DYC” and Simon confessed to being speechless. He called it “just magic, absolute creative magic.” As Simon got emotional, Howie said that they radiated more than just music and dance by making it a thrilling “champion performance.” Heidi said they are not a “snoozy” choir and are incredible. Once again, Terry descended from the stage to stop the critiques, saying that there is no need to go to the superfans because he wants to hit the Golden Buzzer again in tribute to the city of Detroit and all that their director Mr. White has done.

Avery Dixon: Season 17 finalist Avery Dixon was the first performer of the night to return to the stage. In his original season he received the Golden Buzzer from Terry, but was eliminated in the Top 10. Tonight he brought along his band to complete what he called “the Avery Dixon experience” for a rendition of the hit song “Happy.” Howie said he stepped it up by going from being an amazing talent to putting on an amazing show. Heidi pointed out that she can’t stay in her seat when he’s playing and Simon said that competition brings the best out of him and he gave himself a shot at winning the show.

Mike E. Winfield: Though elimination in the season 17 Finals was devastating for Mike E. Winfield, the comedian found an increase in success following his time on the show, including an invite from Howie to open for him on tour. He returned to show because being a finalist is not enough for him, he wants to win. His set tonight focused on his relationship with his stepson that he refers to as “step man” because they’re similar in age. Heidi called him a “ray of sunshine” on stage and Simon added that he may have went further originally if he had done that set then. Mike stressed to Simon that he really wants to win and he came to compete, to which Simon responded with “I wasn’t planning on doing this, but I’m gonna do it.” And he hit the Golden Buzzer to send Mike straight through to The Finals!

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Power Duo: Tonight’s showcase started with the winners of “Philippines’s Got Talent” season 5, Power Duo. They met during that season, fell in love, and got married. Now they’re competing to live out their dream of “making it” in the United States. Howie loved that they combined aerialism with floor dancing, but also pointed out that they had a slip in their performance when she missed a rope. Heidi said that the error doesn’t matter because their performance was still beautiful. Simon liked them so much that he asked Heidi why she didn’t use the Golden Buzzer.

Aidan McCann: It was a relief to the judges when young magician Aidan McCann took the stage for the American follow up to his finale run on “Britain’s Got Talent” season 14. Though long, his act to predict choices that the judges would independently make turned out correct and earned the first full standing ovation of the night. Simon called it unbelievable and Heidi said that he is a star before hitting the Golden Buzzer!

Tom Ball: Singer Tom Ball was the second “Britain’s Got Talent” performer to appear tonight. Tom finished in third place on the same season that Axel won. Tonight he sang “The Sound of Silence” for the judges alongside a string quartet. Once again the judges panel stood in ovation as the crowd roared behind them. Simon opened critiques by wishing that it had been the first time he’d ever heard Tom because it was unexpected and the best performance all series. Howie added that he does it “so right” and Heidi called it “larger than life.” Simon said that if Tom had done that song in season 15 that he would have won. As the audience began to chant “Golden Buzzer,” Terry descended from the stage to join the other judges in giving Tom the Group Golden Buzzer!

Ana-Maria Margean: Another former champion to perform tonight was ventriloquist Ana-Maria Margean who was inspired by Terry Fator before winning “Romania’s Got Talent” season 11. Ana-Maria performed with her disagreeable rescue dog puppet Waldo, incorporating a heavy dose of comedy along with a vocal performance of “You Don’t Own Me.” Heidi was not surprised she’s a winner because her voice is beautiful and she’s funny. Howie loved that she’s only been practicing ventriloquism for a couple years and that her mom made her puppet for her. Simon concluded that it’s exciting to see a winner from another country come to America to compete with the best of the best.

Kodi Lee: Heidi never got to see Kodi Lee’s winning run on season 14 so tonight’s performance of “Biblical” was her first time witnessing the magic of him behind the piano. Ahead of his performance she noted that she’s never heard the crowd as loud as they were cheering on his entrance, and after his performance she said that he’s a true all star and that the show is what it is because of him. Howie predicted that he has the superfans in his pocket just like he has the audience. Simon said that Kodi will always be amazing and his performances will always be mesmerizing.

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