‘Australian Survivor’ Final 4 power rankings for ‘Heroes V Villains’: King George deserves the crown

We’re just days away from the season finale of “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains” and only the Final 4 players remain: Gerry Geltch, George Mladenov, Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov and Matt Sharp. Last week after the “Survivor” Isolation twist, Jonathan LaPaglia snuffed the torches of sixth-place contestant Simon Mee and fifth-place finisher Alanna “Nina” Twine, setting the stage for the final days of the competition.

Below, check out our “Australian Survivor” Final 4 power rankings for “Heroes V Villains.” Then be sure to tell us who YOU want to win by voting in our poll and sounding off in the comments section.

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1. George Mladenov
There’s no other way to say it: King George has played a masterful game since Day 1 and is fans’ overwhelming pick to win the grand prize. The uber-villain has no qualms about voting out his closest allies (see Steve “Stevie” Khouw and Shonee Bowtell) if it means advancing further. And just when you think he’s out (like when Hayley Leake secured enough votes to oust him), he pulls another trick from his sleeve and survives the vote. George’s biggest downfall by far is the challenges; he has yet to win individual immunity though he did claim the KFC reward. At this point, if George makes it to the final tribal council, he’ll likely win in a landslide. But will the other three castaways get together and stop the King from receiving his crown?

2. Matt Sharp
Last week Matt was down in our fourth-place position, but as we approach the finale he has moved up to the number-two slot. The lifeguard’s physical game is his greatest asset, and he has a realistic chance of winning the remaining two immunity challenges (he’s already won three since the merge). Matt’s best game move so far was to abandon the Heroes jock alliance and join up with George and Gerry after the initial tribe swap. Even though the trio has a Final 3 deal, Matt and Gerry clearly have ulterior motives and are planning on taking each other to the end. If Matt is the one that wins the final immunity, and he single-handedly votes out George, Matt will undoubtedly win the game.

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3. Gerry Geltch
A man of few words, Gerry’s notable move in the game was aligning with George when everyone else was trying to take him out. At 62, Gerry is the oldest person remaining and he’s competing against a bunch of people half his age. If he makes it to the end, the jury will surely respect him as a person, but will they respect his game play (or lack thereof)? Stay tuned. Gerry recently gave a passionate speech at tribal council defending his relationship with George, saying he wasn’t a “pawn” but instead saw George as a “mentor.” It was enough to make the King well up in tears, and convinced him to honor his Final 3 deal with Gerry and Matt, at least temporarily.

4. Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov
This remaining “Spice Girl” has been sitting next to George since the beginning, but he has now betrayed her trust twice: first with the Shonee vote, and now with the Nina vote. Currently, Liz finds herself on the outs of a three-person alliance, and will likely need to rely on immunity if she hopes to survive the next tribal council. Or perhaps there’s another way for her to survive. If she ditches George and is able to convince Matt and Gerry to vote him out, Liz will sail into the Top 3 where she has a realistic chance of winning the final immunity challenge (she’s already won two of those). Note that Liz would be the second female Villain to win a “Heroes V Villains” season of “Survivor” following Sandra Diaz-Twine in the American version.

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