‘Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains’: Who’s playing the best pre-merge game? [POLL]

With the merge imminent on “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains,” the remaining contestants are about to enter the second half of the game in Samoa. But before we get to Jonathan LaPaglia‘s long-awaited “Drop your buffs” moment, we want to know who YOU think is playing the best pre-merge game? Are you feeling the love for a certain heroic personality, or can you not get enough of one particular villainous character? Vote in our poll below.

As of this writing, there are still 13 castaways left in the game: eight original Heroes and five original Villains. However, the players are all intermingled at this point thanks to various twists, including Gerry Geltch being voted onto the opposing tribe, an official tribe swap at an auction, and Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov choosing to mutiny. Get a refresher on the complete “Australian Survivor” cast in our photo gallery above (or click here for direct access).

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Obviously, the Heroes are dominating right now thanks to a record-breaking early immunity run that resulted in them voting out just two people (Rogue Rubin and Sharni Vinson) over the course of the first 17 days. Comparatively, the Villains lost six participants during that same time period (Jackie Glazier, Anjali Rao, Michael Warren, Mimi Tang, Sarah Marschke and Fraser Lack). After the tribe swap, the two beaches were even at eight members apiece, and that’s when several fun new alliances started to form.

At the new Heroes camp, King George Mladenov bragged about being in control as he reigned supreme with his core four alliance of Gerry, Shonee Bowtell and Steve “Stevie” Khouw. Together they voted out Paige Donald (with a little help from Shonee’s immunity idol) and then Benjamin Law. The two on the bottom hoping for some magic to strike are Felicity “Flick” Palmateer and Matt Sharp, who were both recently burned by a fake immunity idol from their former allies.

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At the new Villains camp, Liz seemed to be on the outs after losing her closest ally Jordie Hansen, until she found a way to slip into a foursome with former rivals Alanna “Nina” Twine, Sam Webb and David Zaharakis. This group was about to make a big move and oust Hayley Leake — which would have simultaneously angered Shaun Hampson and given Simon Mee a rare reprieve — until the mutiny twist resulted in Liz voluntarily switching tribes.

“Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains” is a reimagining of the American version with the same subtitle from 2010. The winner of that 20th cycle was a Villain, Sandra Diaz-Twine, who became the franchise’s first two-time champion. In a full-circle moment, Queen Sandra’s daughter Nina now competes as a Hero on the Down Under version of the reality TV show.

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