‘Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains’ Final 6 power rankings: Who do YOU want to win?

The Final 6 players of “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains” have been named and, as luck would have it, they are evenly divided between three original Heroes (Gerry Geltch, Matt Sharp and Alanna “Nina” Twine) and three original Villains (Simon Mee, George Mladenov and Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov). A recent twist from host Jonathan LaPaglia prevented anyone from being voted out, and instead the two people who received the most votes (Nina and Gerry) were sent to “Survivor” Isolation. Think of it as Exile Island, only they have to rely on the other contestants to give them food, water and information.

Below, check out our “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains” Final 6 power rankings for those still in the game. Then be sure to tell us who YOU want to win by voting in our poll and sounding off in the comments section.

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1. George Mladenov
There’s no other way to say it: King George is playing a masterful game. Since Day 1, he has been the biggest target on the island and, amazingly, he is still in the game on Day 41. The uber-villain has no qualms about voting out his closest allies (see Steve “Stevie” Khouw and Shonee Bowtell) if it means advancing further. And just when you think he’s out (like when Hayley Leake secured enough votes to oust him), he pulls another trick from his sleeve and survives the vote. George’s biggest downfall by far is the challenges; he has yet to win individual immunity though he did claim the KFC reward. At this point, if George makes it to the final tribal council, he’ll likely win in a landslide. It’s time for this King to receive his crown.

2. Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov
This “Spice Girl” has been riding George’s coattails from the beginning and, let’s admit it, that’s a great place to be. Liz’s best moments on the island were actually when she got swapped over to the other tribe without George and Shonee, as it allowed her to play her own game and finally show others what she’s capable of. Now that there are only six people left in contention, Liz is shielded by the King and her name hasn’t come up in weeks as a potential boot. Looking ahead, if she goes to the end with George, she’ll lose handily, so Liz’s best move will be to orchestrate his ouster, sooner rather than later. Can she pull it off?

3. Alanna “Nina” Twine
For the first half of the season, Nina was a complete non-entity on our TV screens. We have to assume she was building relationships and bonding with her fellow Heroes during this time, because the cameras seemed to be purposefully avoiding her for some reason. After the merge, Nina really came into her own, especially as her allies were voted off one by one (David Zaharakis, Felicity “Flick” Palmateer, Sam Webb and Shaun Hampson, we hardly knew you). Nina’s strongest move in the game was joining up with George and Liz in the “Jacuzzi alliance.” Alas, it didn’t last long as George couldn’t trust her and tried to vote her out. Now that she’s in “Survivor” Isolation (and ineligible to win immunity), Nina has her work cut out for her if she wants to make it into the Top 5.

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4. Matt Sharp
If Matt were a contestant on “Big Brother,” Rachel Reilly would call him a floater and tell him he “better grab a life vest.” Ironically, Matt is a lifeguard in real life, so he’d do just fine in the water without one. Matt’s best game move so far was to abandon the jock alliance and join up with George and Gerry. Together they made a Final 3 deal, but Matt and Gerry clearly have ulterior motives and are planning on ditching the King before they get to the end. Matt almost made a big move this week when he asked Simon and Nina to vote out George, but for some reason he decided not to see the move through to its end.

5. Simon Mee
Let me just be clear: if Simon makes it to the final tribal council it will be because he earned his way there by winning even more immunity challenges, not because of any strategic maneuverings. So far Simon has three individual immunities to his name, and a couple of those came when he needed them the most. But every time he tries to engage in strategy, or somebody comes to him with an idea, it backfires big time. (Remember his “cookie idol” that turned out to be just a clue?) It’s almost a joke at this point how terribly Simon’s social game is going. At least he’s trying, though — that’s saying something, right?

6. Gerry Geltch
A man of few words, Gerry’s notable move in the game was aligning with George when everyone else was trying to take him out. At 62, Gerry is the oldest person remaining and he’s competing against a bunch of people half his age. If he makes it to the end, the jury will undoubtedly respect him for who he is. But will they respect his game play (or lack thereof)? Hmm. When we last left Gerry, he was one of the two players forced into “Survivor” Isolation. Nina will undoubtedly try to use her alone time with Gerry to turn him against George, but will he listen? Stay tuned.

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