Landslide! 82% of ‘Australian Survivor’ fans say Liz deserved to win ‘Heroes V Villains’ [POLL RESULTS]

The season finale of “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains” aired on March 27, and fans worldwide are overwhelmingly pleased with the results. Indeed, in Gold Derby’s recent poll asking if the right person won, a whopping 82% of viewers voted that yes, Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov deserved her title of Sole Survivor. The other 18% of poll respondents were split between Gerry Geltch and Matt Sharp, who both failed to impress the jury on finale night.

Did the right person win “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains”? Here are the complete poll results:

82% — Yes, Liz played the best game

11% — No, Matt should have won

7% — No, Gerry should have won

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Liz’s biggest game move by far was voting out uber-villain George Mladenov. She had worked closely with King George since Day 1 at the Villains beach, but when he voted out Shonee Bowtell without telling her, and then when he sided with Matt and Gerry over Liz and Alanna “Nina” Twine, Liz knew she had to strike. (It also didn’t hurt that she won three individual immunity challenges.) Liz was able to properly articulate her moves to the jury, and she won the $500,000 grand prize by a unanimous 7-0-0 vote.

“I actually cannot believe it,” stated the 28-year-old Olympic pole vaulter from Perth in her final confessional. “I can’t believe I’m here and I can’t believe I’ve won. My strategy to get to the end was to play hard, to take risks, and to push myself physically, socially and mentally.”

Liz later added, “Honestly, playing in ‘Survivor’ is 10 times harder than going to the Olympics. I think I’ll be remembered as someone that played an authentic game, someone that stayed true to themselves, and someone that was a fierce player. This moment is going to change my life forever.”

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The show decided to end the season not with a quote from the current champion or from host Jonathan LaPaglia, but with a special moment from a former winner, Hayley Leake (“Brains V Brawn”). “Congratulations,” Hayley said while voting for Liz. “In a season where new players, villains and women were endangered species, maybe the combination of all three is exactly what we needed to rise to the top. Well done.”

The Australian season of “Survivor” may be over, but the flagship American version is still airing its 44th season every Wednesday night on CBS.

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