‘Australian Survivor’ fans say Shonee and George are playing the best games in ‘Heroes V Villains’ [POLL RESULTS]

Spice Girls, unite! Gold Derby recently conducted a poll asking viewers of “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains” to name who played the best pre-merge game, and it’s a tie between two members of the so-called Spice Girls alliance — Shonee Bowtell and George Mladenov both receive 36% support. These members of the original Villains tribe have deliciously played up being baddies all season long, and it’s clearly paying off when it comes to fan admiration.

No one else in our poll results earns double digit support, though honorable mentions go to Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov (the third Spice Girl) at 9%, followed by Alanna “Nina” Twine (aka the daughter of America’s Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine) at 6%, and then Hayley Leake (the only Australia winner competing) at 3%. Here are the complete poll results for who fans think played the best pre-mere game:

36% — Shonee Bowtell

36% — George Mladenov

9% — Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov

6% — Alanna “Nina” Twine

3% — Hayley Leake

2% or less — Shaun Hampson, David Zaharakis, Steve “Stevie” Khouw, Sam Webb, Gerry Geltch, Felicity “Flick” Palmateer, Matt Sharp, Simon Mee

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Shonee and George both had huge targets on their heads coming into “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.” Shonee had played twice before, a record for this Down Under version of the reality TV show, while George was arguably considered the most cutthroat person to ever play. Indeed, anyone who dubs himself King George and gets a tattoo of an immunity idol on their neck is asking to be targeted.

But despite all that, Shonee and George made it through multiple tribal councils, tribe swaps and twists to arrive at the merge intact. Twelve participants total merged — eight from the old Heroes and four from the old Villains — but these two players weren’t dissuaded at all by falling on the wrong side of the numbers. Shonee and George quickly started assembling their team (including Liz, Gerry, Matt, Hayley and Simon) in preparation for a war against the Heroes who burned them.

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What do you think of this Australian version of “Heroes V Villains” so far, hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia? Is it as good as the American installment from a decade ago, which ultimately saw a Villain (Queen Sandra) win the $1 million prize? Be sure to sound off down in the comments section.

Meanwhile, the 44th season of “Survivor” proper is scheduled to begin on CBS this Wednesday, March 1, hosted by Jeff Probst. Get a closer look at the 18 all-new castaways of “Survivor 44” by clicking through our photo gallery right here.

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