‘Australian Survivor’ shockeroo: Villains vote out [SPOILER] after 2 medical emergencies and historic ‘choice’

The premiere episode of “Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains” ended with a shocking tribal council in which the Villains truly lived up to their name. To recap, two of their 12 tribe members, Jackie Glazier from “Champions vs. Contenders” (2018) and George Mladenov from “Brains V Brawn,” ended up getting seriously injured in the immunity challenge. They were both sent to the hospital, where they would be able to remain for 24 hours, per the show’s rules, before being permanently removed.

After the Villains tribe lost the challenge and attended tribal council, host Jonathan LaPaglia had them vote as usual, without announcing Jackie or George’s conditions. The votes were cast and then Jonathan revealed that Jackie’s fractured collarbone was too serious for her to remain on the island, so she was officially out. George’s injury was less severe, though he would still be kept overnight at the infirmary as they monitored him.

“So I’m gonna give you a choice,” Jonathan told the remaining Villains, with all of their unread votes sitting in an urn at his fingertips. “I can either go ahead and read these votes, and the person with the highest number of votes would join Jackie and go home. Or, I don’t read the votes, and you all go back to camp together.”

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The castaways had a historic decision on their hands: allow the votes to be read and potentially be out three people (depending on George’s condition), or return to camp and keep that extra number. After a quick deliberation, a unanimous decision was made. All 10 tribe members raised their hands and instructed Jonathan to read the votes.

“Quality over quantity, let’s do it. Come on — time’s a wastin’,” declared Anjali Rao in a move that was about to come back to bite her. Indeed, the first vote was for Steve “Stevie” Khouw, while all of the other votes were for Anjali. After having her torch snuffed, a smiling Anjali told her former players, “Kick some serious Hero ass.”

Anjali is a television broadcaster who’s worked for CNN and even interviewed Bill Clinton. During her parting words, she had no regrets about “urging” Jonathan along. She told the camera, “If we’re going to read the votes, then just read the votes. Because, when it comes down to it, it’s all drama, isn’t it? How boring would it be, ‘Oh no, we’ll just like leave those votes.’ What a fizzer! I will always vote on the side of drama. If it’s there to be had, we’re having it. And that was the decision that I made. It would have driven me absolutely mad leaving the votes sitting there.”

So did Anjali essentially vote herself out of the game? Remember, all she had to do was not raise her hand, and Jonathan wouldn’t have opened the urn, as it had to be a unanimous decision. Be sure to discuss this hot topic down in the comments section.

The Heroes tribe consists of Alanna “Nina” Twine, Paige Donald, Gerry Geltch, Shaun Hampson, Benjamin Law, Hayley Leake, Felicity “Flick” Palmateer, Rogue Rubin, Matt Sharp, Sharni Vinson, Sam Webb and David Zaharakis.

Those remaining on the Villains tribe are Stevie, Shonee Bowtell, Jordie Hansen, Fraser Lack, Sarah Marschke, Simon Mee, Elizaveta “Liz” Parnov, Mimi Tang, Michael Warren and George (depending on his injury).

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