Grandmaster Flash (‘The Masked Singer’ Polar Bear) unmasked interview: This show ‘allows you to let your guard down and have fun’

Two all new celebrities in disguise took on returning champ Medusa for “New York Night” on Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer.” After an off-key rendition of “Rapture” by Blondie, Polar Bear was named the third-place finisher behind California Roll and Medusa. The cool-as-ice performer pulled off his mask to reveal himself as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash. Panelist Nicole Scherzinger correctly guessed the iconic DJ, but Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy were off base.

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“In the world today there’s a lot of sadness, and when I seen this show on a rough day I had for business, I was laughing!” Flash told host Nick Cannon during his unmasked interview. “It actually had me laughing. It allows you to let your guard down and just have fun. It’s a great show.”

Prior to Grandmaster Flash’s reveal, the panelists submitted final guesses as to who they thought was hiding inside Polar Bear: P.Diddy (Ken), Flava Flav (Jenny), LL Cool J (Robin) and Grandmaster Flash (Nicole).

In his clue packaged, Polar Bear revealed, “I’m so excited to drop some New York flavor on ‘The Masked Singer’ stage. Cuz this ‘City of Dreams’ where I come from is the source of everything that made me, me. My neighborhood got a bad rap. It’s the kind of place most people wouldn’t dream of gettin’ down with. These streets are where I developed my interest in electronics as a kid. I used to take apart mom’s toaster, my sister’s hair dryers, just to see how they worked. All that tinkering eventually sparked a knockout idea that helped me turn the tables on the entire music industry. This bad boy invented a sound no one was making. My legendary status helped put my broken borough on the map. Now I’m here to honor a fellow New Yorker who changed the game, just like me.” Visual clues included lots of flowers, a scratch off lotto ticket that says “Cold Hard Cash,” various electronics, a punching bag, large speakers, a message in a bottle and a DJ booth.

Polar Bear was the fifth act eliminated from Season 9 of “The Masked Singer.” His elimination was preceded by Dick Van Dyke as Gnome, Sara Evans as Mustang, Howie Mandel as Rock Lobster and Debbie Gibson as Night Owl.

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