Howie Mandel (‘The Masked Singer’ Rock Lobster) unmasked interview: ‘It’s so weird for a Jew to be in a lobster’

Two all new celebrities in disguise took on returning champ Medusa for “ABBA Night” on Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer.” After a rowdy rendition of  “SOS,” Rock Lobster received the least amount of votes and was forced to reveal himself as comedian and “America’s Got Talent” judge Howie Mandel. Perhaps more shocking than Rock Lobster’s true identity was panelist Ken Jeong‘s ability to guess it. His fellow detectives Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger couldn’t figure it out.

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“I miss you buddy,” the comedian told host Nick Cannon during his unmasked interview. The two are former co-stars from “America’s Got Talent.” “I wanted to be here with you. Number two, when you watch this show, this is fun. I just wanted to have fun. The truth is I do sing and dance. I dance on TikTok. I have like over 10 million viewers who watch me dance. I said, ‘I must be amazing. I’m gonna compete.'” When asked what it’s like to be on the talent rather than the judge, Howie explained, “Everything is backwards here. I’m usually on the panel. I’ll be honest with you – as a Jew, lobsters are shellfish and it’s not kosher. It’s so weird for a Jew to be in a Lobster. Everything is backwards tonight. I am so confused.”

Prior to Howie’s reveal, the panelists submitted final guesses as to who they thought was hiding inside Night Owl: Howie Mandel (Ken), Martin Short (Jenny), Steve-O (Robin) and Martin Short (Nicole).

In his clue package Rock Lobster said, “Ooo hello! Welcome to ‘The Masked Singer’s’ hottest club, Lobster A-Go-Go. Where we spin ABBA all night long. Trust me, it’s got everything, just like me. I’ve been in movies and TV shows since you were a kid. And I can’t believe 10 million people watched me dance for 15 seconds on the daily. In school I was a weird, neurotic mess. I got my fulfillment from creating elaborate pranks. It ultimately got me expelled from three different schools. So there I was, a compulsive crustacean without a diploma, when one day on a dare, everything changed. I shared my quirks with an audience and now the things that got me in trouble are the things that i get paid for today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a neurotic mess, especially recently,  but I’ve made an entire career out of being uncomfortable. And that’s exactly why I’m ready to embarrass myself in a whole new way. Visual clues included men dressed in scrubs and rain gear, a brief case, a little monster, a deck of cards showing two jokers and a lobster on a globe.

Rock Lobster was the third act eliminated from Season 9 of “The Masked Singer.” His elimination was preceded by Dick Van Dyke as Gnome and Sara Evans as Mustang.

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