Malin Akerman (‘The Masked Singer’ Squirrel) unmasked interview: ‘Everyone dreams about being a rockstar’

Two all new celebrities in disguise took on returning champ Squirrel for “Sesame Street Night” on Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer.” After a performance of “Just the Two of Us” by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers, Squirrel was dethroned in third place behind Fairy and Jackalope. The nutty performer pulled off her mask to reveal herself as model and actress Malin Akerman. Panelist Jenny McCarthy correctly guessed the iconic DJ, but Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger were off the mark.

“I totally forgot about ‘Couples Retreat,'” Ken said of the film he starred in with Malin. “I cannot believe it!” During her unmasked interview with host Nick Cannon, Malin said, “I was just so excited to get to do this and watch it with my son, who’s actually here in the audience tonight. And my dad is here from Sweden! The Swedish meatball! It’s so fun. Everyone dreams about being a rockstar. It’s such an honor to be here.”

Prior to Malin’s reveal, the panelists submitted final guesses as to who they thought was hiding inside Squirrel: Heather Graham (Robin), Malin Akerman (Jenny), Katherine Heigl (Ken) and Kate Hudson (Nicole).

In her clue package, Squirrel revealed, “Yeah, that’s me. You might be asking how I got myself into this mess. Growing up I was just your average professional figure skater with Olympic dreams. I wanted to be a top psychologist — side note, my superpower is empathy. Cute, right? But instead I landed myself in the psycho city of Hollywood. What happened next could have happened to billions of bombshells. I modeled for major agencies, did some commercials, landed some international sit-com parts and made out with Tom Cruise! These days I love getting to play superheroes, just as much as I love playing the girl next door who’s also funny. What can I say? I got range. So, that’s pretty much how I ended up here. All dolled up in a sexy squirrel costume ready to show you just how nuts I am.” Visual clues included Squirrel falling out of a tree, a clothing rack, figure skates, a pin with a yellow smiley face on it, a gorilla asking for her autograph, meatballs, grapes and castle.

Squirrel was the seventh act eliminated from Season 9 of “The Masked Singer.” Her elimination was preceded by Dick Van Dyke as Gnome, Sara Evans as Mustang, Howie Mandel as Rock Lobster, Debbie Gibson as Night Owl, Grandmaster Flash as Polar Bear and Michael Bolton as Wolf.

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