‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 15 episode 3 recap: ‘All Queens Go to Heaven’

RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 15 continued on January 13 with the next step in the competition toward discovering “America’s next drag superstar.” Chosen by last week‘s challenge winner Anetra and LSFYL winner Amethyst, the remaining 15 queens divided themselves into three equal groups of five to work together on promotional bits advertising a queer heaven.

Seated at the judges’ dais for episode 3 was Emmy winning host RuPaul Charles, longtime bestie Michelle Visage and newly anointed recurring host Ts Madison. They were joined by singer Maren Morris as this week’s guest judge.

The 15 queens still in the competition are: Amethyst, Anetra, Aura Mayari, Jax, Loosey LaDuca, Luxx Noir London, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Princess Poppy, Robin Fierce, Salina EsTitties, Sasha Colby, Spice, and Sugar. Check out our full recap of episodes 1 and 2 titled “One Night Only” below:

Following Amethyst’s elimination of Irene Dubois, the queens returned to the Werk Room wanting more information about the tea spilled in “Untucked” that Robin Fierce and Amethyst dated in the past. It was clarified that Amethyst ended the courtship, even if only because she’s a bad texter, and that Robin is not interested in resuming anything. Loosey LaDuca also voiced her disappointment that she fell into the bottom, and privately asserted in her confessional that when she gets pissed off she just works harder so the other girls should feel threatened.

The next morning, Ru skipped throwing a mini challenge this week and instead presented the queens with their next maxi challenge: sell the concept of the queer afterlife in an informercial within three groups. Ru had Anetra choose her team first, resulting in Luxx Noir London, Sasha Colby, Salina EsTitties and Marcia Marcia Marcia joining team one. Amethyst chose her team next, resulting in Loosey, Aura Mayari, Spice and Princess Poppy joining team two. The left over five made the final team: Jax, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Robin and Sugar.

During brainstorming sessions, team one decided that they’d use Sasha’s legend status to their advantage by casting her as God in their skit. At team two’s table, Amethyst felt overshadowed by Loosey and Poppy taking the lead in presenting ideas and so she took a backseat despite being their leader. Team three had the most tension at their table because no one was feeling any of Sugar’s ideas, resulting in Jax physically moving Sugar to the end of the table and replacing her at the center.

On set, Michelle served as director of the infomercials. Serving as an audience surrogate to how the filming process went, Michelle’s underwhelming reactions to what the teams were doing were hard to miss. She sat mouth agape with boredom as Sasha struggled through lines, Spice rattled through lines while the rest of her team allowed themselves to be derailed, Poppy’s jokes fell completely flat, and Amethyst once again missed the mark on comedic timing.

After filming, Sugar confided in Spice that her team felt over-serious on set and they expressed frustration that they’re so used to having each other for support. In another part of the room, Jax agreed with Sugar that there were a lot of voices in their group, but she thought she performed well. Sugar thought Jax was more concerned with being a leader than caring about the success of her own character or their skit overall. Meanwhile, at the makeup mirror, Malaysia and Mistress swapped stories of the impact that religion had on their upbringing in families concerned that they weren’t following the right path.

Prior to screening the three infomercials on the Main Stage, the queens walked the runway in the “Metallica” category. Highlights were Sasha’s “silver phoenix Miss Universe” look, Luxx’s golden goddess gown, and Spice’s bright blue Judy Jetson-inspired space look. Lowlights were Salina’s odd street sign concept, Marcia’s confusing ode to Tin Man, and Amethyst’s soft golden garment with mismatched boots. Then, as the adverts screened the laughter from the judges’ table made clear that Sasha and team one had created a total hit, but that none of Amethyst’s team two jokes landed except Loosey’s impersonation of Dolly Parton. The third team of leftovers didn’t get many laughs either, but their performances at least felt committed to.

Instead of judging the queens in their teams, Ru said that they’d be judges as individuals. Anetra, Salina, Marcia, Spice, Aura, Robin, Mistress, Sugar, were Malaysia were all declared safe. The remaining six stayed on stage to hear their critiques. Michelle said Sasha was a “joy to direct” and Ru said that she laughed every time she did the neck snap bit to switch from one scene to the next. Maren called Luxx’s runway look her favorite of the night and Ts thought she “ate it up” in the skit. Maren told Amethyst that they didn’t go far enough in the lewdness of their jokes and Michelle offered her some tips on contouring her nose. Michelle thought Poppy got lost in the infomercial and Ts called her runway outfit simple. The judges thought Loosey made a good decision to spoof Dolly and Maren loved her runway creation. Michelle and Ts told Jax that she looked a mess in the infomercial, but Maren offered that her runway look was “incredible.”

After further deliberation, Ru gave Loosey and Luxx safety, leaving Sasha as the undisputed challenge winner. From the bottom three, Jax was offered safety which put Amethyst in the bottom again and Poppy alongside her. To save themselves, the two bottom queens lip synced to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Diana Ross. Both started the LSFYL with safe, disco-esque presentations, but Poppy quickly diverted into a more comedic approach to the song, including a trip to the back of the stage for what Amethyst called a “meet and greet” with the safe queens. Poppy’s attempt at comedy during a song by one of Ru’s favorite artists might have been the downfall because at the close of the song Ru named Amethyst the winner and delivered the dreaded “sashay away” to Princess Poppy.

NEXT WEEK: Ru surprises the queen with an early-in-the-season “double helping” of Snatch Game!

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