‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 15 episode 6 recap: ‘Old Friends Gold’

RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 15 continued on February 3 with the next step in the competition toward discovering “America’s next drag superstar.” Last week, Amethyst fell to the bottom two for the third time following the “House of Fashion” design challenge, and was finally asked to “sashay away.” This week, the 12 remaining girls skip into the future as older versions of themselves in the girl group challenge.

Seated at the judges’ dais for episode 6 was Emmy winning host RuPaul Charles, longtime bestie Michelle Visage and recurring judge Ross Mathews. They were joined by comedian Megan Stalter as this week’s guest judge.

The 12 queens still in the competition are: Anetra, Aura Mayari, Jax, Loosey LaDuca, Luxx Noir London, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Mistress Isabelle BrooksRobin Fierce, Salina EsTitties, Sasha Colby, and Spice.

Check out our full recap of episode 6 titled “Old Friends Gold” below:

Following last week’s elimination, Luxx Noir London was in high spirits from a first challenge win and declared that she, Anetra, Sasha Colby, and Loosey LaDuca are the frontrunners because they are the ones with wins under their belt. Despite also being in the top, Luxx and Mistress Isabelle Brooks do not think Malaysia Babydoll Foxx‘s taste level was up to par. The next morning Malaysia calls out the rumor that someone said she deserved to be in the bottom, but Mistress doesn’t hide and admits to thinking that Malaysia suffers from “drag delusion” about her taste level.

RuPaul arrived the next morning to announce that this week’s maxi challenge will be girl groups with a “golden gals” theme. She asked the queens to divide themselves into three groups of four, resulting in Group 1: Salina EsTitties, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Mistress, and Luxx; Group 2: Robin Fierce, Jax, Loosey, and Anetra; and Group 3: Spice, Malaysia, Sasha, and Aura Mayari. Once they were in their groups, Ru brought in her friends and TikTok stars The Old Gays to inspire the girls to think like older versions of themselves.

After listening to the three song options available to them, the second group wanted the hip hop track while both the first and third groups wanted the heavy metal version. Neither of the groups were willing to back down so a face off ensued with Luxx and Mistress refusing to adjust to country and Sasha and Malaysia standing firm from the other side. After much back and forth, it was finally decided to draw the genres from a hat. Luxx plucked out country and Malaysia picked heavy metal.

Because they got the genre they wanted, Team Hip Hop was thrilled to sit down and brainstorm their lyrics. Anetra also pointed out that Loosey and Robin are both vocalists and she and Jax are both strong dancers, so they were the team to beat in this challenge. At Team Country, Salina was in a “mental brain block” because she does not vibe with country and was still reeling from being in the bottom the previous week.

At the recording session with Leland and Freddy Scott, the girls were advised to be animated in order to create interest in the characters they’ll have to portray on stage. Robin struggled to stay on top of her rap verses for Team Hip Hop, Luxx was told she had one of Leland’s favorite verses, Salina was warned to “rehearse the hell” out of her verse, and Aura was hesitant to let loose for Team Heavy Metal.

During their choreography sessions, Team Hip Hop spent most of their time discussing what they were going to do — to use rollers or not to use rollers? — which confused the other groups sitting on the sidelines. Marcia took the lead for Team Country’s dance moves and managed to strike fear in the other teams. Malaysia knew that for heavy metal all they’d have to do to be convincing is hop around and look crazy, but Mistress was worried that they’d all be in jeopardy in front of the judges.

While the girls painted wrinkles on to their faces, Sasha opened up about her experience in Hawaii as a trans woman and the history of what her community experienced there. She realized in that moment that it’s a source of pride for her that she gets to be on the show and present a good example of the success and beauty that trans women bring to the world. Elsewhere, Mistress and Malaysia continued to prod each other with intimidation tactics, but it was all in good fun.

On the Main Stage, Team Country opened as Banjo Bitches in their glittery red mini dresses with a ditty about keeping your group of friends together despite the approach of the world ending.  They moved around the stage with tennis ball canes and had the judges laughing sporadically throughout. Team Metal was next as Rockin’ Old G’s in black and gold outfits featuring exaggerated sagging titties. Their verses centered taking ownership over all the crazy things that happen to old people and making it cool. Team Hip Hop closed the show as Ol’ Dirty Bitches with dance moves not indicative of their advanced age and lyrics that focused on being sexy and having swag.

After the performances, the queens walked the runway in the “Tie-Dye to Die For” category and the judges announced that though they performed as groups, they’d be judged individually. Ru gave safety to Loosey, Luxx, Salina, Marcia, Spice, and Malaysia and kept the others on stage for further critiquing.

The judges liked Anetra’s runway look, but Michelle pointed out that she forgot her lyrics too often during the performance. Ross did not like Jax’s runway outfit because the orange jumpsuit underneath didn’t make sense. The judges also thought that she had a hard time blending in with the other members of her group during the performance. Michelle called out Robin for playing it safe and Megan added that it’s clear she hasn’t pushed herself all the way. Robin explained that she’s “not a gambler” because she’s seen the damage that taking risks can do to people in her life.

Megan was drawn into Mistress who called her a star and Ross added that she outshined everyone else in her group. Michelle and Ru complimented her makeup skills and Ru added that when Mistress goes backstage she should remind Marcia that she’s only halfway done with her makeup. Ross loved how hard Sasha went in the rock genre and said the “so stupid” level she took it to was perfect. Ru agreed, calling Sasha fearless. Megan thought Aura’s runway look was sexy and Michelle told her that she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Ru said that Aura’s “power and presence” was unexpected because she hadn’t shown it yet.

Upon further discussion with the panel, Ru declared Aura the winner of this week’s challenge and offered safety to the other top queens Sasha and Mistress. From the bottom three, Ru gave the final safe spot to Anetra, leaving Robin and Jax in the bottom two. The teammates faced off in the Lip Sync for Your Life to “In Your Room” by The Bangles. In their performances, both girls leaned into the spirit of their garments — Robin took a glamour girl approach, whipping her long blonde hair and twirling her lavender dress around. Jax took it in the opposite direction, using the flexibility of her jumpsuit to throw her body around the stage with acrobatic tricks. In the end, Ru announced Jax as the winner of the lip sync and asked Robin to “sashay away.”

NEXT WEEK: “The Daytona Wind” is getting a reboot with the queens showing off their acting skills with more fart jokes.

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