‘Succession’ Season 4: Some predictions on the eve of the final faceoff

“Succession” has experienced a long journey from under-the-radar HBO drama to buzzy 13-time Emmy winner. And now that the upcoming fourth season (launching Sunday on HBO and HBO Max) has been announced as the last, there’s only 10 more episodes left to wrap up everything that the show has been building toward. With such a large ensemble and abundant supporting players, there are a lot of ways it might all come to an end. But I think I’ve got things figured out. So ahead of tonight’s Season 4 premiere, I offer some obvious developments that could unfold along with some less predictable ones plot twists.

What old characters might return? Who will make it to the final episode? And will Kendall (Jeremy Strong) actually catch a break for once? Here is what my crystal ball says:

Amir Returns

Remember Amir (Darius Homayoun)? He’s Marcia’s (Hiam Abbass) son who knows Kendall killed that busboy? It’s been a while since we’ve seen him but the final season is as good a time as any for a forgotten figure to stir up some drama. Amir hasn’t been seen since Season 2 and only got a brief mention from Marcia in Season 3 as part of her deal with Logan (Brian Cox) to assure his future with the company. He has enough dirt and skin in the game to be able to shake up the endgame, especially as the siblings unite against Logan.

The Roys Finally Go to the Movies

The trailers have already spoiled the Roy siblings’ journey out west to Los Angeles (including a shot of Roman (Kieran Culkin) at a movie lot). Finally seeing Waystar Royco’s movie studio in detail would be the last big reveal of Logan’s entertainment conglomerate. It would also be a great way to bring Amir back into the fold (he’s currently running Waystar Royco’s European Animation division). 

Tabitha Stirs Drama

This has already been partially confirmed. Tabitha (Caitlin FitzGerald) has been on the announced cast lists for Season 4. But her role has the potential to completely change the game for Roman. Things between her and Roman have been left vague, but her friendship with Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) and assertive demeanor might make her a force to be reckoned with in the final season. Mostly, I just want to see her interact with fascist-in-training/Roman’s preferred president Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk).

Return to DC

Connor for President will be picking up steam in Season 4. And since Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) has been interested in politics from a very young age, it’s a great excuse to bring the Roy family back to D.C. Connecting the beginning of Shiv’s (Sarah Snook) arc with her former political associates like Nate (Ashley Zukerman) and Gil (Eric Bogosian) would also be a welcome treat.

Someone’s Getting Divorced

Two “Succession” season finales have been weddings and a third is on the way with Connor and Willa (Justine Lupe). That’s way too much unity for this show, something’s gotta give. While Shiv and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) splitting is the obvious choice, Marcia and Logan have been on the verge of splitting throughout Season 3 and are practically estranged. I wouldn’t count out Connor and Willa having an extremely quick split after tying the knot either. 

Marcia is Important Again

Hiam Abbass is excellent as Marcia and yet her role was greatly diminished in Season 3. For Season 4, I’m predicting she becomes a bigger player in the final battle, maybe even siding against her husband. Her expanded role in the company was one of the major catalysts at the beginning of Succession, she should get to play an impactful role at the end.

Kendall Bows Out

“Succession” is a great ensemble piece but Kendall is our tragic main character. He’s been beaten by the world relentlessly for three seasons, Season 4 has to give him a grand finale. My bet is on him finding some clarity to leave the business behind and make something on his own. He can still mess things up, but he should be messing up something that belongs to him. 

Logan Dies

That’s what this is all building to, right? Logan’s failing health kicked off the show, and with a title like “Succession” it’s obvious his passing would signal the end. Dying from a stroke or something passive would be too easy. I’m predicting his kids do something so shocking it gives him a heart attack. Or maybe he can take a tumble off his superyacht like Jennifer Coolidge did in “The White Lotus.”

Last Episode Title: “If He Had a Hundred Years”

The title of every “Succession” season finale has been taken from the poem “Dream Song 29” by John Berryman: “Nobody is Ever Missing,” “This is Not For Tears” and “All the Bells Say.” With the final episode approaching, it seems obvious that the pattern will continue. If you’re taking bets, I would put them on “If He Had a Hundred Years.” Logan will likely be gone, and what’s a better way to end a show about reluctance destroying your legacy than a title about wanting more time?

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