‘Survivor 44’ deleted scene: Matthew’s bum shoulder is a problem for Ratu at challenges [WATCH]

Following his post-reward challenge journey on “Survivor 44” episode 4, Carson Garrett finds himself at the bottom of his new Ratu tribe, but Matthew Grinstead-Mayle is worried that it’s his bum shoulder (an injury he suffered on episode 1) could seal a tribemate’s fate. Above, watch the “Survivor 44” deleted scene from episode 4, “I’m Felicia.”

The tree mail for their upcoming immunity challenge read: “Sometimes you take a leap of faith that someone has your back. It’s the times you feel off-balance when you usually get attacked.” Based on the clue, Kane Fritzler correctly guessed that it’d be the jumping for keys and balance beam challenge which was worrisome news for Matthew. You’ll remember that in the premiere, Matthew attempted to climb a rock cliff, but fell and injured his shoulder. He’s been wearing a make-shift sling ever since and though he’s competed in some challenges since for Ratu, the “leap of faith” from the clue worried him about his ability to compete.

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Brandon Cottom reminded Matthew that they have one more player than another tribe so they’d get to sit someone out. Brandon explained in a confessional that Matthew has been a strong contributor to their tribe and they can’t afford to lose him, or anyone else, and their focus needs to be on winning immunity. Knowing they’d likely sit Matthew out, the challenge would put new member Carson in the hot seat to “prove himself.”

As it stands, Carson is an original Tika member now competing on Ratu alongside four other original Ratu members. His former Tika tribe lost the episode 4 immunity challenge and voted out one of their original members, Sarah Wade. They are left with two original Tika members and Josh Wilder who swapped from Soka. Jaime Lynn Ruiz swapped from Ratu to Josh’s old tribe, which still has four original Soka members. As such, two members from Ratu and Soka will sit out the next challenge, unless Jeff Probst has another trick up his sleeve.

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