‘Survivor 44’ episode 2 deleted scene: Matt Blankinship calls immunity challenge the ‘make or break moment’ [WATCH]

In episode 2 of “Survivor 44,” unbeknownst to Soka tribe player Matt Blankinship, he got on the radar of his tribe mates because of a visible close connection to Frannie Marin. Despite him not knowing for certain that he’d be in danger, Matt refers to news of a new immunity challenge as the “make or break moment” in the game of “Survivor.” Above, watch the “Survivor 44” episode 2 deleted scene video from “Two Dorky Magnets.”

In the video we get to see the Soka tribe make the trek to read Tree Mail announcing the second reward/immunity challenge of the season. The Soka tribe went on to earn themselves immunity by taking second place in the challenge, furthering their early dominance in the game as the only tribe to still have all six original players active. The win was likely a relief to a player like Matt who earlier in the episode expressed in a confessional how bad his game was starting out. He came to the show shortly after being broken up with and then on the episode 1 journey lost the right to vote at his first two Tribal Councils.

Saving Matt from total despair is a personal connection to Frannie, who he feels an immediate bond with. Not only have the two of them solidified an alliance of sorts, but they have been seen around camp laughing and talking to each other endlessly. Claire Rafson spoke to Frannie at one point, cautioning her that her closeness to Matt could put a target on her back.

Because the Soka tribe has yet to go to Tribal Council, we can’t be sure how the tribe of six will divide and if Claire and the others will look to split Matt and Frannie up. For now, only Frannie knows that Matt has lost two of his votes while the rest of them were told by him that he only lost one. If the fact that Matt withheld information from everyone except Frannie were to get out, it could paint a bigger target on his back. Would Frannie stick by him or be willing to sacrifice him in order to stay in good with the rest of the tribe?

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