‘Survivor 44’ episode 4 sneak peek video: Tika bird cage gets defaced with red X [WATCH]

CBS has released a “Survivor 44” episode 4 sneak peek video that calls into question everything we think we know about the bird cage twist. As a reminder, this season three locked cages containing real immunity idols and fake idols are present at each of the three tribe camps. The cages have already been opened by different castaways, but now, the Tika bird cage appears to have been defaced with sticks in the shape of a red X. Huh?! Watch the video below to see for yourself.

The clip starts out with a close-up of the red X on Day 8. Tribe members Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho, Carson Garrett, Sarah Wade and Carolyn Wiger are walking through the jungle when they catch a glimpse of the unique site. “What?” Sarah wonders aloud. “We have some little sticks that have been added.”

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In a private confessional, Sarah informs the audience, “This morning, we walk by the bird cage and see that there have been two red sticks kind of woven into the bird cage with an X.”

While Sarah theorizes it means the cage could be empty, Yam Yam surmises, “It’s a clue.” He then tells the camera, “What? Is this still alive? We were like giving up on the fact that there was something in there. But who put that X in there?”

To recap, the Tika bird cage was opened by Carolyn after she found the key hidden in the jungle. She kept the real idol for herself and then put the fake idol back in the bag inside the cage. The other tribe members noticed the weight of the bag appeared lighter, suggesting the contents had been removed, but they had no idea which one of them was responsible. Is Carolyn also the person who added the red X? Stay tuned.

In a second sneak peek video for “Survivor 44” episode 4 (watch below), the Soka tribe is meditating at camp after voting out Claire Rafson. Josh Wilder explains how he’s now in a great position because he is “in the middle” between two opposing pairs that both trust him: Matt Blankinship and Frannie Marin on one side, Danny Massa and Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt on the other. Which side will Josh join up with?

This fourth episode of Season 44, titled “I’m Felicia,” airs Wednesday, March 22 on CBS.

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