‘Survivor 44’ sneak peek video: Watch the first 188 seconds of new season

The official start date of “Survivor 44” is Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, but CBS has already released the first 188 seconds of the new season to help whet our collective appetite. In the sneak peek video (watch above), perennial host Jeff Probst welcomes the 18 all-new castaways to Fiji and fills them in on their official tribe names: Ratu in orange, Soka in green and Tika in purple. (See who’s on what tribe.)

“For 22 years, ‘Survivor’ has been exploring the idea of group dynamics and interpersonal relationships in a really unique way,” the host explains as viewers see classic moments from seasons past. “You take a group of strangers, strip ’em of everything. You abandon them, force them to create a new society while relying on each other. That is the group dynamic. Then you put this game on top of it where you have to vote players out. And in the end, the last player left wins the million dollars. That’s the interpersonal part.”

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Jeff continues on, “To win ‘Survivor,’ you have to be excellent at both, and what makes it so tricky is, you can never predict what is going to happen. Because it is always new players. So it’s always a new game. Which is why you are constantly assessing and adapting. Which is what you’re doing right now with first impressions.” He then starts questioning the participants directly, who all have wide smiles on their faces.

Survivor 44 Tika

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho of the Tika tribe wants to play with someone who is “just gonna give it all.” He adds, “We’re here to win and we need each other. If you have to puke out everything you have inside, if you have to sweat every tear, we are family here, so bring it. I’ll grab your puke bag, I’ll wipe up your tears.”

Survivor 44 Soka

Frannie Marin of the Soke tribe chimes in, “As soon as we jumped off these boats together, we were all bonded together … we’re breathing each other’s bad breath already.” As everyone chuckles, Frannie notes, “The bonds are forming quickly and I think they’re gonna be really tight.”

Survivor 44 Ratu

Matthew Grinstead-Mayle of the Ratu tribe readily admits, “I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on right now — I don’t even know. I mean, the anxiety is so high. I’m sure I should be fearful, but I’m not there right now. I’m just trying to take deep breaths and try to hold it all in, because if I don’t, I feel like my heart’s just gonna plop right out here and just make a mess out of everybody in the front row.”

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