Top 3 moments of ‘Survivor 44’ episode 3: Overconfidence, delusion and Soka’s first tribal council

The third episode of “Survivor 44” aired on Wednesday night and concluded with host Jeff Probst snuffing out the torch of Claire Rafson. The 25-year old venture capitalist from Brooklyn, New York was the third castaway sent home after being voted out by the Soka tribe. Did they make the right decision? And what were the dumbest, most shocking and most exciting moments of Episode 3?

Below, read our “Survivor 44” Episode 3 Top 3 moments. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite castaways on CBSreality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Survivor” winners list and take home the $1 million grand prize.

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Top 3 Moments of Episode 3:

1. Gameplay 101: Some of the castaways give me anxiety. As a whole this week, there is a varying degree of gameplay ranging from nonexistent to overly confident. Carson Garrett describing himself as a strategic mastermind and then groveling at the feet of Sarah Wade was ridiculous. Carolyn Wiger has unearned confidence. Also worth noting, Tika getting along is adorable. Kane Fritzler likes entertaining his tribe with the national anthem for some reason; as well as cosplaying as something from “Xena: Warrior Princess,” complete with sword, but has no game play in his corner. The only person that is should be as confident as they are is Brandon Cottom at Ratu. At Soka, the love connection continues to blossom but the tribe is over it. Danny Massa planned to use this to his advantage, which could be smart, but is also short-sighted.

2. Immunity Time: Maybe it’s just be me, but this particular immunity challenge was not as terrifying as the previous ones this season, but seemed equally as laborious. Also, two tribes received tool kits and fruit, which was nice to see. Somehow, Claire sat out this challenge once again, which really irked me. Anyway, watching Tika struggle was very worrisome to me, but in all honesty the other tribes were not doing hot either. The puzzle looked like a breeze to solve. In the end, Ratu and Tika won immunity sending Soka to Tribal Council. Not going to lie, I was hoping they would lose.

3. Soka’s Very First Tribal: Reality crashing in on Soka was lovely to see since Danny honestly seems like the only person there with any sort of long game. Claire’s lack of challenge bonding made her an option, while others discussed breaking up the romance of Frannie Marin and Matt Blankinship. Josh Wilder‘s name was even tossed around. At tribal, the excitement of seeing the area in which they are destined to vote people off for the first time was adorable. Claire burst the optimism bubble and the real conversation began, which was awkward, hilarious, and delusional (looking at you Claire) all at once. Matt’s head looked like it was on a swivel and you could just see those gears turning (not like he a vote to cast anyway). Claire opting for the shot in the dark ultimately failed and, in the end, she was given the boot.

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