Top 3 moments of ‘Survivor 44’ episode 4: More immunity idols and devastating tribal trades

The fourth episode of “Survivor 44” aired on Wednesday night and concluded with host Jeff Probst snuffing out the torch of Sarah Wade. The 27-year old consultant from Chicago was the fourth castaway sent home after being voted out by the Tika tribe. Did they make the right decision? And what were the dumbest, most shocking and most exciting moments of Episode 4?

Below, read our “Survivor 44” Episode 4 Top 3 moments. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite castaways on CBSreality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Survivor” winners list and take home the $1 million grand prize.

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Top 3 Moments of  “Survivor 44” Episode 4:

1. Playing The Long Game: All it took was one tribal for Soka to look long term with talk of blindsiding Josh Wilder. At Tika, Carolyn Wiger, the most unlikely of contestants to win over the viewers on paper, continues to do so with her brilliant placement of a fake idol. She is a very pleasant surprise this season.

2. Reward Challenge Ramifications: The challenge was a quick one with Soka winning followed by Ratu (both took back tarps to camp). Josh, Carson Garrett, and Jaime Lynn Ruiz were sent to the summit; all three were given an idol good for the rest of the pre-merge, but found they were forced to swap to another tribe. Carson went to Ratu, Jaime went to Soka, and Josh went to Tika. Along their journey, Jamie made it abundantly clear that she was eying her boatmates as potential allies — smart given Carson is a genius at playing the game of “Survivor” so far.  Carson quickly bonded with his new Ratu tribemates, especially Matthew Grinstead-Mayle, who has no clue that he is dealing with someone who can outplay him easily. Jamie arrived to Soka and seemed to fit in really well, but Danny Massa targeted her quickly. His fears became the fears of the tribe and they agreed that she had to go ASAP.

3. A Tribal to Remember: I would like to say that the immunity challenge was memorable, but that would be a lie. Especially noteworthy was Jamie sitting out the challenge on her new tribe, which was a very dumb choice since she needed to build a good rapport with them. Nothing better than excelling at a challenge to do so, right? In the end the puzzle proved problematic, but even playing field be damned as Soka finished first. Ratu finished second and Tika was tribal council bound. Tika was disappointed, but Josh was singled out as the newbie to get the boot with Carolyn as the decoy yet again. Quite frankly, this tribal was eye opening as the cracks in the tribe became evident. Carolyn smartly noticed the slip at tribal and should not forget it. In the end, Josh played his idol, saving himself, and sending Sarah home.

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