‘Top Chef’ elimination predictions: Who will be the 2nd World All-Star to leave the competition?

Top Chef France” winner Samuel Albert was the first eliminated from “Top Chef: World All-Stars, showing just how competitive this season is going to be. So who will be next? Fans have placed their bets here in our predictions center, but they can’t agree on who will go in episode two. You can still make or update your own predictions until tonight’s show airs.

Literally zero of our users foresaw Albert’s ouster in week one. In fact, the Frenchman ranked second in our odds for who would win the whole season. But predicting the first episode is always a shot in the dark since we hadn’t seen these chefs compete against each other yet. Now that we have, though, we’ve got a better sense of who’s excelling and who’s struggling.

And according to the consensus of our users in week two, May Phattanant Thongthon will be sent home from the competition. She gets leading odds of 41/20. In the season premiere episode, she flew under the radar. She was one of the middle teams in the Quickfire Challenge and one of the middle chefs in the Elimination Challenge. She’s going to have to get out of the middle if she wants to win, but the good news for her is that there are eight other chefs our users think might go home instead.

Victoire Gouloubi ranks second in our elimination predictions with 10/3 odds. Her undercooked risotto landed her team at the bottom of the Quickfire Challenge, though she made a safe dish in the Elimination Challenge. Begoña Rodrigo is third with 9/2 odds of elimination despite having one of the judges’ favorite dishes in the season premiere.

That’s the thing about “Top Chef.” You can never rest on your laurels. Every Elimination Challenge is a blank slate. One week you can win and the next you pack your knives and go. Or the other way around, you could have one of the worst dishes one week and then come back to wow the judges the next. As we get to know these chefs better and better, who will demonstrate their consistency, and who will collapse under the pressure and have to redeem themselves in “Last Chance Kitchen“?

Be sure to make your predictions so that the contestants can see how they’re faring in our racetrack odds. You can keep changing your predictions until just before the next episode airs every Thursday on Bravo. You’ll compete to win a spot on our leaderboard and eternal bragging rights. See our contest rules and sound off with other fans in our reality TV forum. Read more Gold Derby entertainment news.

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