‘Top Chef’ elimination predictions: Will Sylwia or Victoire be brought down by pub food?

Samuel Albert and Dawn Burrell are out of the competition on “Top Chef” season 20, so who will go home next in tonight’s third episode, “Cheeky Pints and Pub Bites”? Fans have been placing their bets all week here in our predictions center. You can make or update your own predictions before tonight’s show airs.

As of this writing “Top Chef Poland” alum Sylwia Stachyra is expected to get the boot with leading odds of 7/4. This comes after she received a low score in the “Rice, Rice Baby” Elimination Challenge. She wound up in the bottom three because, despite an excellent stew, her rice ended up too sweet due to her use of vanilla salt to flavor it. As this was specifically a rice challenge, that misstep was enough to put her at risk of elimination. Luckily for her, the judges preferred her dish to Burrell’s undercooked black rice non-congee, so Burrell was eliminated instead.

Next in our predictions is Victoire Gouloubi with 31/10 odds of elimination. She has been safe so far all season, landing neither on the top nor the bottom in Elimination Challenges and receiving just one low score in the season premiere Quickfire Challenge for an ill-advised risotto she didn’t have nearly enough time to make properly. But that’s a dangerous position to be in. Not getting a lot of screen time or face time in front of the judges might indicate that she’ll be an early ouster.

But the chefs start every challenge with a clean slate, so it’s just as possible that the chefs who won the last two challenges, Charbel Hayek and Ali Ghzawi, will be the unlucky ones sent home this time around. That’s what makes “Top Chef” one of the hardest reality competition shows to predict. Who do you think is going home tonight?

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