25 best married TV couples of all time, ranked, including ‘The Office,’ ‘Modern Family,’ ‘This Is Us’ [PHOTOS]

It’s the month of love, and with Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, we’ve looked to some of our favorite TV shows to find happy couples who seem to always get love right, with happy and loving relationships that weather many a storm. In a medium known for changing things up and shocking finales, who are some of these couples who made it through intact? We’ve scoured through the decades to find those who were either married from the beginning to the end of a series, or those who found love early on and stayed together throughout the remainder of the series.

Many of the happiest TV couples are found on sitcoms, with programs like “Happy Days” and “That ’70s Show” focusing primarily on growing kids and their friends, but also portraying a loving mom and dad who still enjoy alone time. It’s funny now to realize that in the 1950s and 1960s, these happy couples couldn’t share a bed – the poor Ricardos and Petries had to sleep in twin beds to maintain an air of propriety. Really – how many kids back then didn’t realize mom and dad shared a bed? It’s quite puzzling, but by the 1970s, the Bradys could at least show they read in the same bed, if nothing else. Flashforward four decades, and programs like “Modern Family” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” portray non-traditional couples who have found love and happiness as well.

It is a bit more difficult to find these successful couples on dramas, where everything from extramarital temptations to problem kids to natural or unnatural disasters can drive a wedge between two people. But strong couples like Randall and Beth Pearson (“This Is Us”) or Tom and Lynette Scavo (“Desperate Housewives”) show that these trials can actually bring people closer together, and that a sense of humor and shared values go a long way in keeping romance alive and keeping a bond strong.

And then there’s those couples who we watch find love, from the first bits of infatuation or from the first moments of unexpected passion between friends. Would “The Office” have been nearly as enjoyable without Jim and Pam’s love story? And would “Friends” have become tiresome with all the focus on that other couple had Chandler and Monica not proven that “Friends” sometimes make the best happily ever after?

Enjoy our photo gallery featuring 25 of the best married TV couples of all time, ranging from the passionate Hal and Lois (“Malcolm in the Middle”) to the more refined Robert and Cora (“Downton Abbey”), from newlyweds like Paul and Jamie (“Mad About You”) to long-married couples like Archie and Edith (“All in the Family”), who can teach us a thing or two about successful relationships.

And you can also visit our other TV gallery about passionate couples who either never got married or it was for just a brief time during or at the end of the series.

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