‘Big Brother’ slop: Recipe, ingredients and rules

Every summer in the “Big Brother” house, some of the contestants are punished and forced to eat a food substance called slop. Longtime viewers have been accustomed to the slop diet since it made its bold debut in the first “All-Stars” version in 2006. Prior to that, the go-to food for houseguests was the much more edible (and less mysterious) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So, what are slop’s ingredients and rules, and what does it taste like? Read on for all the slop-tastic answers, if you dare.

What is the slop recipe?
Remember in “The Matrix” when people in the real world would eat gross-looking gruel because it contained all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that a human requires to survive? Well, think of “BB” slop as the reality TV version of that. All of the daily necessities are included so as not to leave the contestants malnourished. In 2019 “Big Brother” officially revealed the ingredients of slop and they’re much of what you’d expect: oats, water, unflavored whey protein, unflavored soy protein, and vitamin and mineral powder. Yummy.

What does slop taste like?
Despite having a similar pale-colored appearance to oatmeal, slop has a dry texture and repulsive taste. Many houseguests even choose to go hungry rather than consuming the vomitous mush. However, it turns out host Julie Chen Moonves has tried slop in the past and it’s “not bad” at all. As she explained to me in our 2018 interview, “It’s like very dry oatmeal. It doesn’t have a lot of flavor. It can be a little bit gummy. I guess it depends on how much water you add to it.”

What are the rules?
Not everyone who sets foot in the “Big Brother” house has to eat slop. It’s mostly reserved as a punishment for those who do poorly in challenges. For example, after losing the Head of Household competition in the Season 22 premiere, Ian Terry, Nicole Anthony, Kevin Campbell and Memphis Garrett all picked random envelopes that made them Have-Nots for the week. The punishment for being a Have-Not is slop, cold showers and living in an uncomfortable bedroom. The rules state that someone on slop can only eat that food source until their punishment is over, though they are allowed to add condiments to help with the flavor.

What is a Slop Pass?
Occasionally a houseguest will be rewarded with a Slop Pass, which lets them avoid having to eat the gritty stuff for a period of time, sometimes for the rest of the summer. Similarly, players may be tempted in a challenge from time to time with agreeing to go on slop for the rest of the season in order to have immunity for that week.

What happened with Amanda Hansen?
In “Big Brother” Season 9, this diabetic contestant infamously fainted from low blood sugar after being on slop. Amanda was hospitalized overnight but returned to the house in good spirits the next day. Ever since then, producers have allowed some houseguests to insert sugar into slop in order to ensure their health and safety.

Is slop returning for Season 24?
Oh yes! In the second episode of “BB24,” Head of Household Daniel Durston made the announcement that he would have to pick four Have-Nots which would have to eat slop for the week. Four houseguests actually volunteered for the “honor” — Michael Bruner, Monte Taylor, Joseph Abdin and Kyle Capener — so Daniel didn’t have to get any blood on his hands.

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