‘Big Brother’ Zingbot: Top 20 meanest (and funniest) zings of all time, ranked

Even though “Big Brother’s” motto is to “expect the unexpected,” there are a few constants every fan cannot wait to see each season. A ruthless backdoor, a crumbling alliance, a come-from-behind Veto win … and of course Zingbot. The robot’s zings have been making us and the houseguests laugh, cringe and cry since he first appeared in Season 12. Zingbot is not exactly known for his finesse, but that is why we love him. When Zingbot appears you know some smack-talking is about to go down in the “BB” house. Over the years Zingbot has gotten married, had a baby, got a divorce, run for president and become an international wanted criminal. Scroll through our gallery above of Zingbot’s Top 20 meanest (and funniest) zings of all time, ranked worst to best.

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20. Zingbot on Paul Abrahamian (Season 19) — “Paul, last season you taught me so much, like how to have friendship, how to be pissed, and how to lose…half a million dollars! ZING! ZING ZING ZING! ZIIIIIIIIIING!”

19. Zingbot on Amanda Zuckerman (Season 15) — “Amanda, don’t worry. You can visit McCrae in Minnesota, just mail yourself using your giant…Tramp Stamp. ZING! ZING!”

18. Zingbot on Victor Arroyo (Season 18) — “Victor, I was trying to think of the perfect word to describe you. And I realized, it is best said in Spanish. ‘Tu el douchebag!’”

17. Zingbot on Daniele Donato Briones (Season 13) — “Daniele, do you own a car, or do you still prefer to just ride your daddy’s coattails? ZUH-ZING! DOUBLE ZING!”

16. Zingbot on Frankie Grande (Season 16) — “That’s a nice tan but I am surprised you get any sun at all considering how much time you spend in your sister’s shadow.”

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15. Zingbot on Raven Walton (Season 19) — “Aw poor Raven, you’ve got the clownitard. This is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your face! ZING! ZING!””

14. Zingbot on Faysal Shafaat (Season 20) — “I was surprised to learn you’re a part-time teacher, considering you’re a full time…moron! ZING! EVERY CHILD LEFT BEHIND ZING!”

13. Zingbot on Julia Nolan (Season 17) — “Liz, I’m confused. Suddenly, you’re less attractive, less intelligent, and less charming…oh wait, that’s just…Julia. ZING!”

12. Zingbot on Corey Brooks (Season 18) — “Corey, what do you call the man of who sweeps Nicole off her feet, sends her heart a flutter, and makes her hear wedding bells?…Hayden! ZING! ZING! WEDDING BELL ZING!”

11. Zingbot on Da’Vonne Rogers (Season 22) — “Da’Vonne, you’ve done three seasons of ‘Big Brother’ and two seasons of ‘The Challenge.’ So I’m dying to know, which reality show do you plan to…lose next? ZING!”

That’s just 10 zings, and we bet you’re already laughing at the cruel memories. See the complete list of 20 by touring our photo gallery above.

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