Box Office Turkeys: 12 biggest movie bombs from John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and more!

All films start out with the greatest of intentions, but some of them fail in massive proportions. When hit with budget over-runs, scripts rewritten by committee and other problems, they can be headed to the garbage dumps of movie history. Take a tour now through our photo gallery featuring 12 of the biggest box office bombs of all time. These turkeys might make you sick to your stomach, but let’s take a photo gallery tour anyway to look over these these rotten leftovers.

1. Battlefield Earth – 2000
John Travolta fought for many years to get this adaptation of the L. Ron Hubbard novel made into a movie. Set in the year 3000, the science-fiction film is set on an Earth that has been ruled for 1,000 years by the brutal Psychlos.

2. Heaven’s Gate – 1980
Michael Cimino had full reign to do what he wanted coming off Best Picture and Best Director wins two years earlier for “The Deer Hunter.” This epic Western is set in Wyoming during the 1890s. The plot revolves around a dispute between land barons and European immigrants.

3. The Adventures Of Pluto Nash – 2002
The problem with this Eddie Murphy movie might have started in the description that it’s a science-fiction/action/comedy movie. At the end of the 21st century, humans have lunar colonies and cloning is now common. The title character is a smuggler just out of prison who buys a nightclub.

4. Ishtar – 1987
Two untalented American lounge singers and songwriters (Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman) are on their way to a gig in Morocco. They somehow get involved in a plot to overthrow the Emir of Ishtar.

5. Cutthroat Island – 1995
Set in 1668 Jamaica, a woman (Geena Davis) is tracking down her uncle, a pirate who has three pieces of a treasure map. She wins a con man in an auction because she needs his help.

6. 47 Ronin – 2013
This 3D fantasy action film starring Keanu Reeves is about a real-life group of 18th century Japanese samurai. The lead character is a half-Japanese, half-English outcast.

7. John Carter – 2012
The film starring Taylor Kitsch is about a former Civil War Army captain on his first interplanetary adventures in dealing with civil unrest and warring kingdoms.

8. Sahara – 2005
This Matthew McConaughey/Penelope Cruz movie actually opened at #1 for its first week but still lost a fortune. The lead characters work for the World Health Organization and are trying to stop a disease spreading across Africa.

9. The Lone Ranger – 2013
It was a reimagining of the old Western tale of a Texas Ranger (Armie Hammer) resurrected by a Native American (Johnny Depp), who then becomes his trusted companion. Tonto is also the ancient narrator in the wraparound beginning and ending.

10. The 13th Warrior – 1999
Based on a novel by Michael Crichton, the movie’s plot is somewhat based on “Beowulf.” An angel of death determines the kingdom can be saved if 13 warriors go to face the danger.

11. The Alamo – 2004
The Texas Revolution of the 19th century is brought back to life. Sam Houston, Davy Crockett and their forces fall to the Mexican Army in their efforts to save Texas.

12. Mars Needs Moms – 2011
In this computer-animated film, a young boy better understands the meaning of family after his mother is abducted by Martians.

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