Claire and Jamie’s Top 12 most romantic ‘Outlander’ scenes that oozed with sex appeal

The droughtlander is almost over! “Outlander” fans all over the world are beside themselves with glee as they anxiously perch themselves on the edge of their seats for their favorite TV couple to finally return to the small screen. The show’s fourth season premieres November 4, 2018 on Starz and promises to be more exciting and especially romantic as ever.

The anticipation for the new season is at fever pitch after almost a year off for the show. Based on “Drums of Autumn,” the fourth book in Diana Gabaldon‘s “Outlander” series of novels, this season will follow Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) building a new life in the New World, after a tumultuous Season 3 where they ultimately washed ashore to start anew.

In anticipation of the Season 4 premiere, take a tour through our photo gallery above of the Top 12 most romantic scenes that positively oozed with sex appeal.

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12. “Creme De Menthe” (season 3 episode 7): Claire tells Jamie all about his daughter Brianna. Even more touching is when Jamie remembers Faith, the baby they lost, and compares her to Brianna. This is a couple starting over again on the foundation the love for their children.

11. “Dragonfly in Amber” (season 2 episode 13): Claire realises that she can actually return to Jamie. Hope springs eternal!

10. “Dragonfly in Amber” (season 2 episode 13): Jamie takes Claire back to the stones and tells her that he knows she is pregnant. In the ultimate act of sacrifice, Jamie would rather break both their hearts to protect Claire and their baby.

9. “The Devil’s Mark” (season 1 episode 11): After Jamie learns that Claire is from the future, he takes her back to the stones in an attempt to take Claire back to the safety and familiarity of her own world. But Claire can’t deny her love for Jamie, prefers to stay in the 18th century with her Highlander.

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8. “All Debts Paid” (season 3 episode 3): In a touching moment, Claire admits at Frank’s bed side that he was her first love. Even after all of their ups and downs, and Claire having found true love with Jamie, this moment showed that this couple also shared something special as well.

7. “The Battle Joined” (season 3 episode 1): After a difficult time adjusting to life in America, Claire and Frank put their differences aside and reconnect at the birth of Brianna, despite the red-headed baby taking after her real father Jamie.

6. “The Devil’s Mark” (season 1 episode 11): Jamie swoops in and saves Claire, again, this time from the witch trials. It was the moment perhaps that Claire finally trusted Jamie with the truth about her origins.

5. “A. Malcolm.” (season 3 episode 6): This list would be incomplete without the print shop reunion scene. Claire stands above Jamie, glowing like an angel from heaven, and returns to Jamie’s world after years apart.

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4. “Of Lost Things” (season 3 episode 4)” Although not a display of romantic love, Jamie broke our hearts when he had to leave his son William to the care of Lord John Grey and Isobel Dunsany. This was a powerful and memorable example of the profound love a parent has for their child.

3. “Both Sides Now” (season 1 episode 8): So you have been arrested and then taunted by a horrible reincarnation of your first husband but wouldn’t you just swoon if your red-headed *new* husband came to your rescue, gallantly saying “I’d thank ye to take your hands off my wife”?

2. “The Wedding” (season 1 episode 7): It is no surprise that this fan-favorite episode warrants another mention. Jamie properly introduces himself (looking as stunning as always) to Claire and takes her by the hand and then promises to take care of a woman out of her depth and out of her time period.

1. “The Wedding” (season 1 episode 7): Passion is ignited on the night our favorite TV gets married, especially during the infamous all-time favorite scene where a more experienced Claire teaches a vulnerable Jamie the subtleties of how it should be done (and then he promptly falls asleep).

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