How to watch ‘CODA’

On March 27, 2022, “CODAmade history at the Oscars by being the first film from a streaming company (in this case Apple Original Films) to win Best Picture. (See the Oscars winners list.) In addition, Troy Kotsur entered the record books on his own accord by becoming the first Deaf male actor to win an Oscar. “CODA” is now the seventh Best Picture winner in Academy Awards history to go undefeated on Oscar night after winning all three of its categories: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Kotsur) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Sian Heder). Read on for how to watch “CODA.”

What is “CODA” about?
“CODA” tells the story of the tight knit Rossi family who all work in the fishing industry in Massachusetts. Mother Jackie (Marlee Matlin), father Frank (Kotsur) and son Leo (Daniel Durant) were all born Deaf; only daughter Ruby (Emilia Jones) has the ability to hear. When Ruby decides she wants to go to college to study music, it causes conflict with her blue collar family.

What is “CODA” based on?
Heder directed the film and penned the screenplay, which is based on the French motion picture “La Famille Bélier” written by Victoria Bedos, Thomas Bidegain, Stanislas Carré de Malberg and Éric Lartigau. In addition to her Oscar nom for Best Adapted Screenplay, Heder has also been recognized at the Critics Choice Awards, Writers Guild Awards and BAFTA Awards.

How do I watch “CODA” 2021?
Being that “CODA” comes from Apple Original Films, that is the only streaming service that offers it. The platform purchased “CODA” for $25 million after its well-received debut at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Apple TV+ subscribers can watch the movie at no additional charge. For potential new customers, the service costs $4.99 per month.

Is “CODA” on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Max or Paramount Plus?
The simple answer is no. “CODA” is exclusive to Apple TV Plus and does not currently stream on any other platform, network or service.

Is “CODA” still playing in theaters?
Yes, “CODA” is playing in select cities. (Check Fandango for showtimes near you.) In fact, in the weekend leading up to the SAG Awards, Apple re-released the movie in theaters for free. That special three-day promotional event ended on February 27.

Who is Troy Kotsur in “CODA”?
The veteran Deaf actor is riding a wave of support for his role as fisherman father Frank Rossi. Kotsur has several “wow” moments in “CODA” with his on-screen daughter, most notably in the scene where he asks her to sing for him. Frank’s eyes well up (as do the audiences’) when he feels the vibrations of Ruby’s vocal cords as she belts out “You’re All I Need To Get By.” It’s exactly the kind of impactful and empathetic moment that awards voters can’t get enough of, and illustrates why he just won the Oscar.

What are the 7 Best Picture winners to go undefeated at Oscars?
Here are the seven clean sweepers: “Wings” (1927/28, two for two), “Grand Hotel” (1931/32, one for one), “It Happened One Night” (1934, five for five), “Gigi” (1958, nine for nine), “The Last Emperor” (1987, nine for nine), “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003, 11 for 11) and “CODA” (2021, three for three).

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