Everything to know about ‘Lego Masters’ Season 2 — release date, contestant photos

Filming for the second season of “Lego Masters” was initially delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the reality TV show finally premieres on Fox during the summer of 2021. Twelve all-new teams of two compete against each other in various design challenges involving everyone’s favorite childhood block toys. Which team has the imagination, creativity and determination to cross the finish line and take home the ultimate prize of $100,000 and the “Lego Master” trophy? Scroll through our photos above for everything to know about “Lego Masters” Season 2, including the release date, contestants, host and judges.

When is the release date? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 1, 2021 as that’s when Season 2 of “Lego Masters” debuts on the Fox network. In 2020, the first season of the competition program was nominated for two Emmys: Best Reality Directing and Best Reality Picture Editing.

Host Will Arnett is a seven-time Emmy nominee for acting in “Arrested Development” (2006) and “30 Rock” (2008, ’10, ’11, ’12) and producing “BoJack Horseman” (2019, ’20). Not only is he the hilarious host of “Lego Masters,” but he’s also one of its executive producers.

Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard return for the second season of “Lego Masters” as the reality TV show’s judges/mentors. They are both self-proclaimed expert Brickmasters as well as employees at The Lego Group.

Here are the cast breakdowns for Season 2 (click here for photos):

Zack and Wayne
Age: 26 & 28
City: Stockton, CA
Relationship: Brothers

Zach and Tim
Age: 18 & 47
City: Gaylord, MI
Relationship: Son-Father

Mark and Steven
Age: 27 & 25
City: Atlanta, GA
Relationship: Brothers

Syreeta and Randall
Age: 33 & 34
Cities: Queens, NY & Chicago, IL
Relationship: Friends

Natalie and Michelle
Age: 32 & 42
Cities: Tulsa, OK & Mesa, AZ
Relationship: Friends

Paras and Moto
Age: 48 & 48
Cities: Boston, MA & Denver, CO
Relationship: Friends

Maria and Philip
Age: 38 & 38
City: Grand Rapids, MI
Relationship: Married Couple

Susan and Jen
Age: 44 & 48
Cities: American Fork, UT
Relationship: Friends

Jack and Dawn
Age: 67 & 59
Cities: Milton, OH & Coopersville, MI
Relationship: Siblings

Dave and Richard
Age: 43 & 39
Cities: Chicago, IL & Brooklyn, NY
Relationship: Friends

Caleb and Jacob
Age: 22 & 22
City: La Crosse, WI
Relationship: Brothers

Bryan and Lauren
Age: 25 & 22
Cities: Laguna Beach, CA
Relationship: Siblings

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