Everything to know about ‘Outlander’ Season 6

Covid-19 may have temporarily delayed the sixth season of “Outlander,” but it’ll be back on TV before you know it. Production began in Scotland in February 2021, so the Season 6 premiere date/cast list should be announced sooner rather than later. As expected, leading stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are back in action as time traveling nurse Claire Randall Fraser and her Highlander true love Jamie Fraser. The new episodes of the Starz romance epic will be based on “A Breath of Snow and Ashes,” the sixth novel in the world-renowned series from author Diana Gabaldon.

Here’s everything to know so far about “Outlander” Season 6. Bookmark this page as we’ll be updating when new information is revealed.

Filming update
The sixth season of “Outlander” was originally supposed to start filming in May 2020, but those plans were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly a year later, Starz and Sony Pictures Television finally called “action” in Scotland on the brand new episodes. Production officially started on February 9, 2021, with renewed attention toward health safety protocols like social distancing and mask wearing. Watch the video featurette below:

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How many episodes?
Just like the fifth season, this sixth season will be comprised of 12 hour-long episodes. The first season was by far the longest, with 16 total episodes (broken up into two equal halves), while Seasons 2-4 each consisted of 13 episodes.

Where we left off
Last we saw Claire and Jamie in the Season 5 finale, which aired in May 2020, Claire had returned to Frasers’ Ridge after being brutalized by Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy). Meanwhile, the threat of the Revolutionary War prompted Claire and Jamie to contemplate what was best for their family. Watch Gold Derby’s video recap of the finale, titled “Never My Love,” which was based on the end of the novel “The Fiery Cross.”

Warning: Spoilers!
Here is Starz’s official tagline: “The sixth season of ‘Outlander’ sees a continuation of Claire and Jamie’s fight to protect those they love, as they navigate the trials and tribulations of life in colonial America. Establishing a home in the New World is by no means an easy task, particularly in the wild backcountry of North Carolina – and perhaps most significantly – during a period of dramatic political upheaval. The Frasers strive to maintain peace and flourish within a society which – as Claire knows all too well – is unwittingly marching towards Revolution. Against this backdrop, which heralds the birth of the new American nation, Claire and Jamie have built a home together at Fraser’s Ridge. They must now defend this home – established on land granted to them by the Crown – not only from external forces, but also from the increasing strife and conflict in the community within their care. For the Frasers and their immediate family, ‘home’ is more than simply a site in which they live, it is the place where they are laying the foundations for the rest of their lives. If Season 4 asked, ‘What is home?’ and Season 5 asked, ‘What are you willing to do to protect your home?’ then Season 6 explores what happens when there is disharmony and division among the inhabitants of the home you’ve created: when you become an outsider, or an ‘outlander,’ so to speak, marginalized and rejected in your own home.”

Is this the final season?
Fans have speculated for months whether Season 6 will be the end of the road for “Outlander,” but executive producer Maril Davis seemed to put a pin in that discussion. “We are not aware that this is the last season,” she stated, “but we don’t have any additional seasons picked up yet.” The good news is that, as of this writing, Gabaldon has penned eight “Outlander” novels with a ninth forthcoming. Hopefully that suggests there will eventually be nine seasons of “Outlander” on TV. Stay tuned.

Awards struggles
“Outlander” was recently snubbed again at the Golden Globes, sparking outrage from fans. But don’t read too much into that. After all, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is notorious for rewarding only the newest shows, and “Outlander” is elderly by comparison. In fact, the only shows older than four seasons to be nominated at the 2021 Golden Globes were Pop’s “Schitt’s Creek” and AMC’s “Better Call Saul.” The first four seasons of “Outlander” nabbed six Golden Globe bids: four for Balfe (2016-2019), one for Tobias Menzies (2016) and one for series (2016). The show is also a four-time Emmy nominee for music (2015), production design (2016) and costumes (2016 and 2018).

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