Everything to know about ‘Survivor 42’ — Meet the 18 all-new cast members

The “Survivor 42” premiere date is finally upon us. The 42nd season of the granddaddy of all reality TV shows airs Wednesday, March 9, 2022 on CBS, so get to know the 18 all-new cast members by scrolling through our gallery above (click here for direct access.) Remember, this installment was originally supposed to air back in Spring 2021, but the coronavirus pandemic understandably pushed back production for over a year, so Seasons 41 and 42 were both delayed and filmed back-to-back.

Here’s everything to know so far about the upcoming season of “Survivor 42.” Bookmark this page as we’ll be updating when new information is revealed.

A quick background
Typically “Survivor” films two seasons back-to-back in early summer, then airs them in the fall of that year and the following spring. (For example, Seasons 39 and 40 filmed between March and June of 2019, and debuted in September 2019 and February 2020, respectively). When Covid-19 hit, production unfortunately could not travel to Fiji film Seasons 41 and 42. After nearly a year delay, “Survivor” finally set up shop in Fiji in April 2021 and successfully filmed both of these seasons in a row. That means the current Season 42 players were not able to watch Season 41 before coming to the island.

Video trailer
At the end of the “Survivor 41” finale, viewers got their first glimpse of “Survivor 42.” In the sneak peek footage (watch above), the season is described as “the most dangerous version of ‘Survivor’ ever seen.” Featured players included a firefighter, a business woman and a world record holder in pull-ups. Beware advantages are back, as are those silly sayings people have to recite at challenges in order to activate them. Once again, host Jeff Probst teases there will be “no food and a relentless pace.” Bring it on!

“Survivor 42” cast
The 18 all-new contestants come from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, just like those featured in Season 41. CBS’s 50% diversity mandate was put into effect in 2020 and ensures that half of its reality TV casts must be Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC). The official 42nd cast announcement was announced on February 9. Once again, they will start out the game in three different tribes. The tribe names are Ika, Taku and Vati.

How many days?
Just like the 41st season, “Survivor 42” will take place over 26 days. That includes a two-week quarantine procedure before the start of the game for all of the contestants and crew members. In the past, seasons spanned 39 days, so the new faster pace of a 26-day cycle is one the castaways will have to adjust to. This cycle will also not have a theme or a subtitle, a la “Worlds Apart” or “Blood vs. Water.” Instead, the official title is simply “Survivor 42.” It’s likely this trend will continue for the rest of the show’s run.

Jeff Probst is back — duh
Yep, “Survivor’s” host with the most Probst has returned as the host/showrunner of Season 42. Why wouldn’t he? The 60-year-old has appeared in all 41 seasons so far, winning four Emmy Awards for his hosting abilities (2008-2011). Probst revealed in the Season 41 finale that the next cast would be coming in and playing immediately after everyone flew back home.

Fiji, Fiji, Fiji
Mamanuca Islands, Fiji will once again be the location of “Survivor 42” … and presumably all future cycles. After 16 years of globe-trotting and exploring, the show officially moved to this locale in the South Pacific Ocean in Season 33 (“Millennials vs. Gen X”). “I hope we stay here forever,” Probst declared in 2017 while praising Fiji’s clear water, beautiful beaches and friendly government.

“Come on in!”
For more than two decades, “Come on in, guys!” was a staple of “Survivor” every time Probst welcomed contestants into a challenge. But the host has shouted the catchphrase for the last time. “I love saying it, it’s part of the show, but I too want to be of the moment,” he admitted in Season 41. When a castaway agreed with Probst that the saying was non-inclusive, the host proclaimed, “I’m with you. I want to change it. I’m glad that was the last time I will ever say it.” The catchphrase will not return in Season 42.

Pre-taped finale
For the first time since Season 1, the winners of both “Survivor 41” and “Survivor 42” were revealed on the island. That means there’s no cheering studio audience, no emotional family member hugs, not even a live reunion with all of the castaways. Probst spoke candidly about the decision to scrap the live elements and do everything in Fiji for these two finales, with one of his biggest takeaways being that he misses the “big energy” of having fans in attendance.

Meet the 18 all-new cast members
In anticipation of the new season, Gold Derby spotlighted all of the castaways. Click each link to be taken to their profiles: Chanelle Howell, Jackson Fox, Jonathan Young, Hai Giang, Lydia Meredith, Lindsay Dolashewich, Rocksroy Bailey, Jenny Kim, Zach Wurtenberger, Swati Goel, Omar Zaheer, Romeo Escobar, Maryanne Oketch, Daniel Strunk, Tori Meehan, Drea Wheeler, Mike Turner and Marya Sherron.

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