Everything to know about ‘Survivor 43’

Hallelujah, reality TV fans! “Survivor 43” was officially given the green light by CBS in March 2022 and it began production in Fiji shortly afterwards. Just like Seasons 41 and 42, the show is adhering to strict Covid-19 safety guidelines for all cast and crew members, including host Jeff Probst. Read on for everything to know about the upcoming season of “Survivor 43,” including cast, filming and air date information. Bookmark this page as we’ll be updating when new details are revealed.

“Survivor 43” cast
CBS officially announced the identities of the 18 all-new cast members on August 31, 2022 (click here for high-res photos). The players will be divided into three separate tribes. On the Vesi tribe are Cody Assenmacher, Justine Brennan, Nneka Ejere, Noelle Lambert, Jesse Lopez and Dwight Moore. On the Coco tribe are Geo Bustamante, Lindsay Carmine, Cassidy Clark, Karla Cruz Godoy, James Jones and Ryan Medrano. On the Baka tribe are Mike “Gabler” Gabler, Owen Knight, Sami Layadi, Elisabeth “Elie” Scott, Morriah Young and Jeanine Zheng.

The cast members come from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, in adherence to the network’s 50% diversity mandate. This was put into effect in 2020 and ensures that half of its reality TV casts must be Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC). The players will start out the game in three different tribes of six people each.

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“Survivor 43” filming
Typically “Survivor” films two seasons back-to-back in spring/summer, then airs them in the fall of that year and the following spring. In 2020, nothing was filmed because of the pandemic, but it finally set up shop in Fiji in Spring 2021 and successfully filmed Seasons 41 and 42 consecutively. Similarly, it’s believed that Seasons 43 and 44 will be filmed back-to-back in Spring 2022, which means the contestants who partake in the 44th cycle wouldn’t have seen the 43rd cycle on TV yet.

“Survivor 43” air date
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 21, 2022, as that’s when the new installment will premiere on CBS. The network announced on June 23 that this will be the date that Jeff Probst officially lights the torch on the 43rd season.

“Survivor 43” video trailer
It’s a “Survivor” tradition that the next season of the show is always teased in the season finale of the previous season. That said, the “Survivor 43” video trailer was presented at the end of the “Survivor 42” finale on May 25, 2022. Watch the video below to see all the hints and details.

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“Survivor 43” theme/title
If you’ve seen the 41st and 42nd editions of the show, you already know that there are no longer any specific themes to the seasons. Gone are titles like “Survivor: Worlds Apart” or “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” replaced instead by the number of the season. It’s likely this trend will continue for “Survivor 44,” “Survivor 45,” etc. unless the producers decide to switch things up for a future All Stars season.

“Survivor 43” number of days
The game will take place over 26 days, just as it did in Seasons 41 and 42. As longtime “Survivor” fans are well aware, seasons used to span a total of 39 days, so the new faster pace is one the castaways will have to adjust to. Luckily, the show still produces the same amount of episodes (13) even though the time frame is much shorter for the castaways.

“Survivor 43” host
Yep, “Survivor’s” resident torch-snuffer Jeff Probst has returned as the host/showrunner of Season 43. Why wouldn’t he? The 60-year-old has appeared in all 42 seasons so far, winning four Emmy Awards for his hosting abilities (2008-2011). Probst’s hosting style has remained consistent for much of the show’s run, where he asks questions of the contestants but never forces them to answer anything they don’t want to.

“Survivor 43” location
Mamanuca Islands, Fiji will once again be the location of “Survivor 43” and presumably all future cycles. After 16 years of globe-trotting and exploring, the show officially moved to this locale in the South Pacific Ocean in Season 33 (“Millennials vs. Gen X”). “I hope we stay here forever,” Probst declared in 2017 while praising Fiji’s clear water, beautiful beaches and friendly government.

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