Team John Legend: ‘The Voice’ Season 20 photos, bios, artist rankings

EGOT winner John Legend officially attached himself to “The Voice” coaching panel in its 16th season, after previously pulling his duty as an advisor. Magic struck on his first at-bat when he proved victorious with artist Maelyn Jarmon (Season 16). Now that the Season 20 blind auditions, battles and knockouts are over, can he prevail yet again on NBC’s reality TV show? Team Legend’s current group of artists will next perform in the all-important live shows.

Tour our gallery above (or click here for direct access) for a closer look at Team John Legend on “The Voice” Season 20, including photos, bios and artist rankings. Also see our features for Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Nick Jonas.

Victor Solomon the voice season 20

Victor Solomon — FINALIST
Age: 22
Hometown: Peoria, Illinois
Resident: Greensboro, North Carolina

Victor and his three siblings were raised by a single mom. He remembers times when they went without electricity and water, but they were a tight-knit family and always got through the difficult times together. Victor started singing in church at six years old and won his eighth-grade talent show by singing John Legend’s “Ordinary People.” He continued singing in school and attended North Carolina A&T State University, the country’s largest historically Black university. Victor is now a senior and was voted Mister of his university. He serves on the Student Government Association Executive Board and stays busy with his Mister duties, but he continues to sing at church and in the school’s gospel choir.

Pia Renee the voice season 20

Age: 37
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Resident: Villa Park, Illinois

Pia grew up as the oldest of eight siblings and was primarily raised by her grandmother, who passed down her love for music. Pia was inspired to start singing, but when she became pregnant at 15, music was the last thing on her mind. After having a second child at 18, music remained on the back burner while she worked to make ends meet for her family. Pia has since gotten back to singing and was asked to audition for a commercial while performing at a corporate event last year. She got the job and now works as a commercial voiceover actor. Although Pia enjoys her work in the studio, she’s ready to step into the spotlight, where her true artistry can be seen and heard.

Ryleigh Modig the voice season 20

Age: 18
Hometown: Spencer, Massachusetts
Resident: Spencer, Massachusetts

Zania Alake the voice season 20

Age: 34
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Resident: Detroit, Michigan

Born and raised in Detroit, Zania grew up around stage productions and music. Her mother would have Zania and her sister put on “kitchen concerts,” where they would sing in the kitchen of their home. It was then that young Zania knew she wanted to be a singer. Her parents enrolled her in a performing arts high school, and she continued her artistic education through college. Her talent led her to perform with various known artists, and she co-produced and starred in an Anita Baker tribute show. More recently, the mother of two has been working as a full-time banker, yet she is still dedicated to her music and songwriting. Zania comes to “The Voice” to see if she has what it takes to make music her full-time career.

Carolina Rial the voice season 20

Age: 17
Hometown: Weehawken, New Jersey
Resident: Ridgefield, New Jersey

Carolina is a first-generation American with a father from Spain and a mother from Bolivia. Sadly, her father passed away when she was three years old, but her grandmother helped raise her and her siblings. Carolina spent the next 10 years in dance classes but secretly wanted to sing. She began posting her singing videos online and knew she needed to focus on music after Jennifer Hudson reposted one of her songs. Carolina began performing at local events and soon expanded where she sang. Her grandmother got to see the start of her singing career before passing away two years ago. Carolina hopes to honor her father and grandmother by chasing her dream on “The Voice.”

Christine Cain the voice season 20

Age: 27
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Resident: Pasadena, California

Christine spent much of her childhood in the outdoors but equally loved the arts. Dance and cheerleading consumed her life throughout school, and although she loved singing, she never felt confident in her ability. After graduating from high school, she started experiencing mysterious pain and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Feeling self-conscious about her body and illness, Christine went to college for music business and planned to stay behind the scenes. One of her class assignments was to put together a show, and after a successful performance, she was inspired to finally pursue singing. Christine is now ready to step out of her own way and into the spotlight on “The Voice.”

Durell Anthony the voice season 20

Age: 34
Hometown: Atchison, Kansas
Resident: San Diego, California

Hailing from a family of musicians, Durell started singing in church at a young age. He wasn’t able to keep up with sports due to his weight, so music became his focus throughout school. Durell went to college on a vocal scholarship weighing nearly 300 pounds and decided to get serious about his health and his artistry. Fitness became a passion for him, and after graduating, he became a counselor at a weight-loss summer camp, where he met his wife. When summer ended, Durell started gigging at weddings and eventually turned music into a full-time career. Durell and his wife now have two young children and live in California.

Denisha Dalton the voice season 20

Age: 22
Hometown: Warwick, New York
Resident: McKinney, Texas

Denisha grew up in a large family with eight siblings and has always loved both music and basketball. Nearly her entire family plays basketball, but Denisha was inspired to get into music by her mother, who is a singer. Denisha excelled at both of her passions throughout school, yet she decided to focus solely on her music in high school as a way to express herself. She went on to attend Belmont University, where she majored in music business and developed her artistry by finding her own voice and style. Denisha is ready to be heard on the Voice stage and hopes to use her music to encourage others to be their true selves.

Deion Warren the voice season 20

Age: 28
Hometown: Conway, North Carolina
Resident: Conway, North Carolina

Deion grew up in North Carolina in an area surrounded by gangs and violence. From a young age, he knew he needed to stay on the right path and chose to spend his time in church and the gospel choir. Deion continued singing throughout school while focusing on his studies and eventually earned a scholarship to college. He received his degree in criminal justice and now works as a parole officer, but he still makes time for music as the lead singer in his band. For the past five years, Deion has been a role model to his parolees and hopes to continue to inspire them through music on “The Voice.

Ciana Pelekai the voice season 20

Age: 20
Hometown: Waianae, Hawaii
Resident: Las Vegas, Nevada

Ciana was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu by a musical family. She started performing in pageants at four years old and got her big break at eight when a video of her singing went viral. Ciana continued performing and building her online following and now uses her platform to take a stand against bullying. In 2017, she was crowned Miss Hawaii Teen America and made national news after winning Miss Teen America later that year. Ciana and her family now live in Las Vegas, and outside of her music, she enjoys bowling in her family league.

Rio Doyle the voice season 20

Age: 16
Hometown: Adrian, Michigan
Resident: Adrian, Michigan

Rio was born with music in her blood and grew up watching her mother perform in a band. When Rio was in the seventh grade, doctors discovered her mother had a brain tumor they were unable to remove completely. Her mother remains at risk of seizures, but she still performs with her band and often invites Rio on stage to join them. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Rio formed a band with people from church and started playing local gigs in high school. She is now focused on her solo music and songwriting and stays busy with her worship team and musical theater. Inspired by her mother’s strength and perseverance, Rio comes to “The Voice” hoping to make her family proud.

Gean Garcia the voice season 20

Age: 19
Hometown: New York, New York
Resident: McAllen, Texas

Gean was born with music in his blood. His father is a Spanish musician and inspired Gean to learn the guitar at six years old. Gean started singing to accompany his guitar playing, and he decided to showcase his skills for the first time at his seventh-grade talent show. After impressing his friends, Gean knew he had to continue his love for music and began songwriting. Three years ago, he got the chance to tour with his dad around the United States, Colombia and Mexico, which only reinforced his love for performing. Gean comes to “The Voice” to prove he is ready for the spotlight.

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