Team John Legend: ‘The Voice’ Season 22 photos, bios, artist rankings

EGOT winner John Legend officially attached himself to “The Voice” coaching panel during its 16th installment, after previously giving advice as a mentor. Magic struck on his first season when he proved victorious as a coach with artist Maelyn Jarmon (Season 16), but he’s never won since. Now that the Season 22 blind auditions are in full swing, can John prevail yet again on NBC’s reality TV show and officially end his losing streak?

Tour our gallery above (or click here for direct access) for a closer look at Team John Legend on “The Voice” Season 22, including photos, bios and artist rankings. Also see our features for Team Blake Shelton, Team Camila Cabello and Team Gwen Stefani.

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The Voice Omar Jose Cardona

1. Omar Jose Cardona (4-CHAIR TURN)

Age: 33
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Resident: Orlando, FL

Omar first learned to sing from his mother, who was the choir director at church. He wasn’t interested in singing in front of people until a girl he liked auditioned for the school play. By his senior year, he was the lead in the school play and prom king with his girlfriend. Omar has now traveled the world and performed in over 20 countries. He’s sung for Disney, performed at Universal Studios Japan, headlined on cruise ships and sung background vocals for Jordan Fisher. He’s also worked for a corporate event company for more than 10 years and is a front man in their band.

The Voice Parijita Bastola

2. Parijita Bastola (4-CHAIR TURN)

Age: 17
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Resident: Severna Park, MD

Parijita is the first of her family born in the United States. When political unrest began in Nepal, Parijita’s dad decided to move the family for safety. Parijita’s dad came to America first, but when he tried to bring the rest of the family over, immigration made it impossible for their older daughter, Priyankana, to join them. The only way Parijita could communicate with her sister was to write letters. It was Priyankana who introduced Parijita to soul and R&B music. Parijita went on to perform at school in musicals and choir and, eventually, in a blues band. For the past five years, Parijita has been gigging at restaurants and bars and recently performed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

The Voice Morgan Taylor

3. Morgan Taylor (4-CHAIR TURN)

Age: 20
Hometown: Carmel, IN
Resident: Nashville, TN

When Morgan was 13, she began posting her singing covers on Instagram, and she now has over 80,000 followers. She grew up as the only musical member of her family, singing along to “The Little Mermaid” and other Disney movies before she could talk. Morgan began suffering from anxiety when she was just a kid. Her depression and anxiety often got the best of her, and the only way for her to refocus her mind was music. Getting accepted into Belmont College was what she needed to turn her life around. Whenever she’s not writing, recording or performing, you can find her taking care of plants, drinking coffee or hanging out with friends and family.

The Voice Peyton Alredge

4. Peyton Alredge

Age: 25
Hometown: Marks, MS
Resident: Cleveland, MS

Peyton grew up singing in his grandfather’s church. His mom raised him by herself for years until she eventually married his stepdad. With four kids of his own, Peyton’s stepdad took him in and treated him like his own son. Since he can remember, Peyton has always played gigs around town as a side hustle to get his name out there. At orientation before starting college, Peyton met his wife. Peyton hopes that music alone can financially support his family one day. Until then, Peyton is a basketball coach with his older brother and a handyman with his bandmate, Balducci. They help people fix their houses during the day and entertain them at local bars or festivals on the weekends.

The Voice David Andrew

5. David Andrew

Age: 25
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Resident: Gallatin, TN

Though shy as a child, David found musical inspiration through watching singing competitions on TV. This led to him joining his church and school choirs. During this time, he began taking piano and guitar lessons. Around 10, he performed his first solo in church and his musical passion ignited further. David began gigging at local events and restaurants as well as posting covers on YouTube. In 2019, David supported Ed Sheeran as a background vocalist for NBC’s Elvis Presley tribute hosted by Blake Shelton. A year later, he was a part of a choir singing background for Kane Brown at the 2020 ACM Awards in which he was given a solo. David is currently a freelance background vocalist and worship leader and spends most of his time teaching vocals and piano at School of Rock.

The Voice Valarie Harding

6. Valarie Harding

Age: 41
Hometown: Muskogee, OK
Resident: Tulsa, OK

Valarie is a new grandma to her 6-month-old granddaughter and another recently born. Valarie admits it’s a bit strange to be a grandmother at only 41, but she also became a mom to her first son at the age of 18. Shortly after becoming a parent, she joined the band Wallstreet, which gave her an outlet to gig and bring in money. It also introduced her to a guitar player named Parry, who would go on to become her husband as well as an amazing father to her children. Valarie and Parry run Wallstreet Entertainment and Sound, a self-owned business that serves as a one-stop shop for all audio or entertainment needs. Parry runs sound, and they also perform as a cover band for events all around Tulsa and surrounding areas.

The Voice The Marilynds

7. The Marilynds

Age: Lindsay – 34, Kasey – 31
Hometown: La Plata, Maryland
Resident: Nashville, TN

From an early age, sisters Lindsay and Kasey knew they were born to perform. Music always filled their home – from Broadway to country and everything in between. Lindsay fell in love with performing after joining a children’s show troupe, and it wasn’t long before Kasey was following in her footsteps. From their debut in The Sound of Music at a local theater to their regular performances of the national anthem, the sisters found an audience wherever they could, and over the years they starred in numerous shows. The sisters each represented their home state as Miss Maryland – Lindsay in 2010 and Kasey in 2013. Performing at events for the USO, Special Olympics and the Children’s Miracle Network gave them a deep sense of purpose. Despite challenges, the sisters have always remained true to their values. They hope to inspire others with their passion, determination and voices, both on and off the stage.

The Voice Emma Brooke

8. Emma Brooke

Age: 19
Hometown: Lyman, SC
Resident: Lyman, SC

Emma has been involved in music since the age of 6 through music programs at school, private voice lessons, piano lessons, musicals and operas. Her family has always seen her potential and have been huge supporters as she’s taken vocal lessons. She has been going to the same vocal coach for over 12 years, from whom she learned opera singing. However, she now wants to stick to more contemporary songs. In her first year of college, Emma started the band The Blue Executive with her now-boyfriend, and they focus on playing blues and classic rock. They’ve mostly played at a local brewery and student artist showcases.

The Voice SOLsong

9. SOLsong

Age: 28
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
Resident: Ann Arbor, MI

SOLsong was raised on music and found his voice in the church. His mother, grandmothers and aunts were all avid singers, and one of his aunts is a famous blues singer. SOLsong’s connection to mariachi and Latin music stems from his biological roots. His father has Latin ancestry but was not present in his life. SOLsong connected to his heritage and family through music thanks to his middle school and high school choir teacher. Fluent in Spanish, SOLsong also spent a year in Spain, where he learned how to perform flamenco music. SOLsong studied classical music at Eastern Michigan University, where he met the love of his life. Two fellow musicians, this pair have been together for 11 years.

The Voice Kara McKee

10. Kara McKee

Age: 36
Hometown: Cumberland, RI
Resident: Cumberland, RI

Kara’s professional background is in corporate America, but her heart has always been in music. After 15 years pursuing a business career, Kara left her job to prioritize the things that make her happiest. After traveling the UK with her cousin, Kara’s musical aspirations were reinvigorated. Kara is now pursuing her music career with equal dedication to her career in business – and exponentially more enthusiasm. Kara’s love of music is closely tied to her love for her family. She draws musical inspiration from her 94-year-old grandmother, who is a wonderful piano player. Kara has also been asked to sing for some pretty impressive people over the years, including Michelle Obama in 2008.

The Voice Lana Love

11. Lana Love

Age: 30
Hometown: Naples, FL
Resident: Glendale, CA

Lana, a classically trained pianist, opera singer and dancer turned pop artist, has been listening to opera music since her mother would play The Phantom of the Opera for her while she was in the womb. At age 4, Lana started playing piano, and by 9, she was singing in musicals. She got her start as a princess on Disney Cruise Line. Last year, Lana sang at the Redlands Bowl amphitheater, a career-defining moment. Lana has opened for legendary artists such as Wu-Tang Clan and Snoop Dogg. She also works with kidney organization The Renal Support Network, where she puts together shows to bring awareness to kidney disease.

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