Team Niall Horan: ‘The Voice’ Season 23 photos, bios, artist rankings

Singer-songwriter Niall Horan knows a thing or two about singing shows, as he got his big break with the boyband One Direction, which was formed by Simon Cowell on the British series “The X Factor” in 2010. Throughout his career, Horan has sold over 80 million records and toured the globe with One Direction and more recently with his solo albums “Flicker” and “Heartbreak Weather” (his third album, “The Show,” is due out in June). When he was 29 years old, he became a coach on “The Voice” in Spring 2023 and has his eyes set on joining the show’s iconic winners list on his first try. Now that the Season 23 blind auditions, battles, knockouts and playoffs are over, can Horan prevail on NBC’s reality TV show?

Tour our gallery above (or click here for direct access) for a closer look at Team Niall Horan on “The Voice” Season 23, including photos, bios and artist rankings. Also see our features for Team Chance the Rapper, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Blake Shelton.

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Ryley Tate Wilson The Voice

Ryley Tate Wilson (4-chair turn) — PLAYOFF PASS RECIPIENT
Age: 15
Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Resident: Montgomery, AL

From an early age, Ryley Tate turned anything and everything into a drum set and by 4, moved on to keyboard and guitar. He never wanted to be away from music, so his mom drew him a keyboard on cardboard, so he could practice on the go: at church, in the car and at restaurants. When Ryley Tate decided he wanted to make his own music, he saved up his money for recording software and learned the production side of things. His plan is to start gigging around town when he gets his driver’s license. He spends most of his time being heavily involved in local theater, always participating in musicals or singing for his church youth group.

The Voice Gina Miles

Gina Miles (2-chair turn)
Age: 18
Hometown: Paxton, IL
Resident: Sacramento, CA

It was impossible for Gina not to be involved in music growing up with a single dad who DJ’d every weekend. When she turned 14, she asked him if she could be more involved in his gigs and would help him set up his equipment. Gina always felt that she wanted to be somewhere bigger than her small Illinois town and performing became a way for her to stand out. Throughout high school she realized she wanted to pursue music more seriously. With her father and stepmother’s support, she decided to move in with her aunt in Sacramento. The transition to a big city was very intimidating at first, but she now feels more comfortable. She was shot as a mystery.

Ross Clayton The Voice

Ross Clayton (4-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN PLAYOFFS
Age: 33
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Resident: McLoud, OK

Ross didn’t find music until his senior year of high school when he decided, on a whim, to audition for his school’s production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” After graduating college, he spent a few years starting bands and gigging all over Chicago and the Midwest. Ross briefly found an audience in Nashville after his first daughter was born in 2014, but quickly stepped back to focus on his growing family. They moved to his wife’s hometown in Oklahoma and now have three children – 8, 6 and 3. Ross, who works in software development, and his family live on 1½ acres of land. Ross stepped away from performing for a normal life in rural Oklahoma until recently when he took down the guitar on his wall and decided to give music another shot.

Michael B. The Voice

Michael B. (1-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN PLAYOFFS
Age: 29
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Resident: Los Angeles, CA

Michael comes from a family of performers where his sister was known as the singer. Mom, who always Michael’s biggest fan, was a news anchor and radio personality. He and his family moved to Texas when he was 15 and decided to join the choir to make some new friends. After high school, Michael moved to New York to pursue his dreams in musical theater. He booked a job in a “Jersey Boys” tribute band in 2017, which toured around the country and brought him to Los Angeles where he currently resides. Michael needed a job once the tour ended in 2020 and pivoted to working in commercial production. He has a newfound career, but wants to return to the stage.

Tasha Jessen The Voice

Tasha Jessen (3-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN PLAYOFFS
Age: 21
Hometown: Faisalabad, Pakistan
Resident: Colorado Springs, CO

Tasha started singing at 3 when her parents, who were both recording artists at their church in Pakistan, handed her a microphone. But then, at 12, Tasha and her family left Pakistan and immigrated to Thailand to escape religious persecution. It was a huge culture shock and forced music into the backseat until they found a church community where Tasha became involved in the worship team. In 2016, Tasha met her now-husband, Maverek, who had been a missionary for nine years. Last year, Tasha moved to Colorado Springs, where she lives with her husband and his parents. She and Maverek sing in church and at home, but she rarely gigs, which is why “The Voice” is such a milestone.

Jerome Godwin The Voice

Jerome Godwin (2-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN KNOCKOUTS
Age: 20
Hometown: Ashford, AL
Resident: Montgomery, AL

Jerome got his first taste of music at a young age when his church’s music director pushed him to direct a show at a nursing home. From there, he followed in his parent’s musical footsteps and started singing in church. Jerome’s parents are both teachers, so they made sure Jerome focused on his academics. Now a sophomore in college, Jerome is a pre-dentistry major and has big dreams of becoming the “singing dentist.” Pursuing dentistry leaves little time for Jerome to focus on music, but he does manage to make time for leading worship at a church. “The Voice” is his opportunity to see if he has what it takes to make a career out of music and follow his dream.

EJ Michels The Voice

EJ Michels (2-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN KNOCKOUTS
Age: 31
Hometown: Draper, UT
Resident: Draper, UT

EJ grew up learning to play classical piano with the Suzuki method, learning by ear instead of reading music. In high school, he started singing and writing songs and eventually formed a band with his brother called Foreign Figures. They toured the country together and even played in front of 20,000 at a festival headlined by Kesha. Each band member is currently pursuing different career opportunities while still making music and playing shows together. EJ grew up in a conservative, religious town, which caused him to suppress his feelings of being attracted to men. After college, he married a woman. After a year or so, the marriage fell apart and EJ came out to his family and friends. EJ now lives as a proud gay man with his partner and Cavapoo, making his living as a vocal coach and music artist.

Kate Cosentino The Voice

Kate Cosentino (3-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN KNOCKOUTS
Age: 23
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Resident: Nashville, TN

Kate comes from a loud and proud Italian family. She channels her creativity through her colorful sense of style and her guitar, which she started playing in the first grade. Kate began writing songs and performing at local coffee shops before she reached middle school. She released her first album in seventh grade and another EP in her sophomore year of high school. One of the things she’s most proud of is writing an original song for the American Girl doll, Tenney Grant, which is featured in the official books, products and video game. Kate attended Belmont University in Nashville where she studied music business and songwriting. She now spends her time performing and songwriting in Nashville. Her most recent EP is full of songs about body image, imposter syndrome and dad jokes. Kate hopes to write music for movies, especially if Jack Black is involved.

Laura Littleton The Voice

Laura Littleton (3-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN BATTLES
Age: 26
Hometown: Dickson, TN
Resident: Dickson, TN

Music has surrounded Laura her whole life. She would listen to her dad play in a bluegrass band at the tire shop he owns. Every year, the night before turkey hunting season, her dad’s bluegrass band would play a concert there. As music helped her through a hard time in her life, Laura realized she wanted to do more with it and now she sings once a week in church. Even though she’s making a living in photography, that passion is starting to fade as she gets further into music. She now believes a career as a professional singer is attainable.

The Voice Talia Smith

Talia Smith (1-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN BATTLES
Age: 29
Hometown: Queens, NY
Resident: Fort George G. Meade, MD

Talia has dreamed of being a performer since she was a child. She produced and choreographed all her talent showcase performances from scratch, starting in elementary school until graduating from Five Towns College in New York, where she earned her associate’s degree.  After graduating, her passion for music and performance was unwavering, however, her search for stability and opportunity led her to the Army. Her love for performing is satisfied there through singing karaoke at both military and non-military functions. Today, she is a recruiter giving her the chance to relate to like-minded civilians seeking stability through the military. Talia met her husband in 2017 and he urged her to continue pursuing her dream of performing. She’s grateful that with his support and her passion, she can focus her energy on making her musical dreams come true. She was Niall’s last pick as his team is now filled.

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