Team Nick Jonas: ‘The Voice’ Season 20 photos, bios, artist rankings

Grammy-nominated Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers signed up for “The Voice” as a full-time coach in Season 18, then returned in Season 20. His first time sitting in the big red chair ended with a third-place finish for Thunderstorm Artis, but now the heartthrob is hoping to add a win to his notebook. Now that the Season 20 blind auditions, battles and knockouts are over, do you think he can finally prevail on NBC’s reality TV show? Team Nick’s current group of artists will next perform in the all-important live shows.

Tour our gallery above (or click here for direct access) for a closer look at Team Nick Jonas on “The Voice” Season 20, including photos, bios and artist rankings. Also see our features for Team Blake Shelton, Team John Legend and Team Kelly Clarkson.

Rachel Mac the voice season 20

Rachel Mac — FINALIST
Age: 15
Hometown: Romeo, Michigan
Resident: Romeo, Michigan

Rachel grew up with a single dad — who inspired her love of older music — and two older sisters, who gave her the confidence to start singing and performing in talent shows. She began to use music as a way to express herself and is a self-described hippie at heart. She has dreamed of being on “The Voice” since she was young and once gave a school presentation on how much she likes Blake Shelton. Rachel is currently a sophomore in high school and participates in theater, marching band and choir, and she also finds the time to lead youth worship at her church.

Dana Monique the voice season 20

Age: 41
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Resident: Houston, Texas

Dana was born into a musically gifted family and grew up singing in church. Her mother ran the ministry of music and her father performed in a jazz band. Dana had her first church solo at 12 years old, and by 15, she was touring as a background singer. She continued to work as a background singer for most of her career while she raised her children, but she always knew she was destined for more. She later took a job as a headliner on a cruise ship, where she got a taste of stardom. Dana has worked hard to get to where she is and is ready to finally step into the spotlight on television’s biggest stage.

Jose Figueroa Jr the voice season 20

Age: 34
Hometown: New York, New York
Resident: Kissimmee, Florida

Jose’s love of singing was solidified after his first performance in church at six years old. He continued singing in church, and as his love of music grew, his talent was quickly noticed. Professional gigs started rolling in, and Jose soon found himself performing on stages all over the world. With a desire to share his experiences and help others nurture their relationship with music, he began offering vocal and dance lessons. Jose now lives in Florida and is a respected performer and Zumba instructor. Outside of music and teaching, Jose can be found spending time with the other loves of his life: family and ministry.

Andrew Marshall the voice season 20

Age: 21
Hometown: Boxford, Massachusetts
Resident: Boxford, Massachusetts

Andrew was inspired at a young age to get into music after watching theater and seeing his sisters sing in choir. He joined musical theater and by middle school was landing the leads. He went on to learn guitar and began songwriting. One day in high school, Andrew’s friend noticed his eyes were yellow, so Andrew’s parents rushed him to the doctor. Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 16 and received treatment for the next three years. Make-A-Wish made it possible for him to meet his idol, John Mayer, who gave him the confidence to write about his most difficult experiences, including his battle with cancer. Now in remission, Andrew is attending college for music business and gigs regularly.

Devan Blake Jones the voice season 20

Age: 35
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Resident: Denver, Colorado

Devan has always loved singing and committed himself to pursuing music after graduating high school. He got hired to sing in an Afrobeat band and took on the task of teaching himself to sing in Swahili. For the next 17 years, Devan continued his passion for music by performing in a wedding band and at various community events, but he spent most of his time working his way up in office jobs to pay the bills. He is now a client relations manager at a tech firm, but he still dreams of being a professional singer. Devan is ready to make his dream a reality on “The Voice.”

Awari the voice season 20

Age: 35
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Resident: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Awari grew up in Virginia Beach with his mother and older brother while his father was incarcerated. He loved to sing and entertain the neighborhood as a child and went on to join the Air Force. He served as a boom operator and refueled planes still in flight while continuing to pursue his musical talents. After Awari was invited to sing the national anthem at an NFL game in honor of military men and women, he quickly gained an online following as a singer. Awari later became a single father and completed his service in the military to focus on his family and music. Knowing the challenges of growing up without a father present, Awari recently started a nonprofit that focuses on mentoring youth and adolescents.

Lindsay Joan the voice season 20

Age: 22
Hometown: San Diego, California
Resident: New York, New York

Lindsay fell in love with singing and songwriting when she was five years old. She grew up performing in local theater productions and occasionally singing in her brother’s band. She and her brother would also write and produce original music, which allowed them to separate themselves from their difficult home life and turn their struggles into art. At 19, Lindsay impulsively booked a weeklong trip to New York and never left. She landed a part in a production of “Kinky Boots” and spent the next 10 months traveling the country on a Broadway national tour. Lindsay used her time on the road to learn and grow as a performer and is ready to bring her talents to “The Voice.”

Bradley Sinclair the voice season 20

Age: 22
Hometown: Rockford, Michigan
Resident: Nashville, Tennessee

Bradley first got into music by playing with his brother’s drum set. In middle school, he was encouraged to join the choir, where he discovered he had a talent for singing. He continued with his music throughout school and taught himself to play several instruments, but he eventually took a job at a tech store to make some money. A self-described tech nerd, Bradley loves being able to teach people how to use their phones and tablets, but he’s ready to start taking his lifelong love of music seriously. Bradley recently quit his job and moved to Nashville in the hope of jumpstarting his music career.

Keegan Ferrell the voice season 20

Age: 21
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Resident: Nashville, Tennessee

Keegan was abandoned in China as a newborn and adopted at six months old. He grew up in Indiana and spent most of his time outdoors. He also liked to sing. Keegan was shy and would only sing in private, yet his mother noticed his talent for music. She enrolled him in piano lessons at seven, and by 16, he was teaching lessons of his own. He formed a band and started singing publicly at local festivals and church events. Keegan is currently a junior at Belmont University studying music business and production.

Raine Stern the voice season 20

Age: 22
Hometown: New Glarus, Wisconsin
Resident: Madison, Wisconsin

From a very young age, Raine had a sense of awareness that beckoned her to inspire change. As a child, she would recite detailed speeches to her family on issues that were important to her. She soon realized the powerful response that music can evoke and picked up the electric guitar, beginning her lifelong journey in songwriting. After moving to Madison from her small hometown, she was quickly picked up as a lead guitarist and singer for several local bands. Through music, she also met her girlfriend, with whom she writes and produces songs. Music has acted as a glue in Raine’s life, bringing her closer to her loved ones, helping her understand her traumas and allowing her activism to reach the ears of many.

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