‘The Challenge: USA’ update: Who has won the most money after 8 episodes?

The key to winning “The Challenge: USA” is to prevail in the Final Challenge, but in order to qualify for that, contestants must first accumulate at least $5,000 throughout the season. At the start of CBS’s reality TV show, each person was given $1,000 in their banks. There are two ways to earn additional funds: win a daily challenge (which nabs them $5,000) or survive the elimination arena (which lets them steal the losers’ banks).

Most players have already scored the required amount of moolah to get them to the Final Challenge. Below, we give you an update on “The Challenge: USA” money won after eight episodes.

Tyson Apostol (“Survivor”)
Angela Rummans (“Big Brother”)

Alyssa Lopez (“Big Brother”)

Enzo Palumbo (“Big Brother”)

Justine Ndiba (“Love Island”)

Cashay Proudfoot (“Love Island”)
Domenick Abbate (“Survivor”)

David Alexander (“Big Brother”)
Cayla Platt (“The Amazing Race”)

Desi Williams (“Survivor”)
Ben Driebergen (“Survivor”)

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Sarah Lacina (“Survivor”)

Danny McCray (“Survivor”)

Leo Temory (“The Amazing Race”) — Episode 8
Kyland Young (“Big Brother”) — Episode 7
Kyra Green (“Love Island”) — Episode 7
Derek Xiao (“Big Brother”) — Episode 6
Shannon St. Clair (“Love Island”) — Episode 6
Azah Awasum (“Big Brother”) — Episode 5
Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. (“Love Island”) — Episode 5
Shan Smith (“Survivor”) — Episode 4
Xavier Prather (“Big Brother”) — Episode 4
Tasha Fox (“Survivor”) — Episode 3
James Wallington (“The Amazing Race”) — Episode 3
Tiffany Mitchell (“Big Brother”) — Episode 2
Cashel Barnett (“Love Island”) — Episode 2
Cely Vazquez (“Love Island”) — Episode 1
Javonny Vega (“Love Island”) — Episode 1

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The first two contestants to qualify for the Final Challenge were Angela and Tyson, who won the “Down To Do the Math” competition in the premiere. Tyson then dominated his second comp in “Yeah Buoy” with his partner Justine, so she joined him in the $5,000+ club. Similarly, Angela won her second challenge in the third episode, “Hang On Man,” alongside her then-partner Kyland.

In the fourth challenge, “Falling Off the Knowledge,” Kyland won again, bringing his leading grand total to $12,000, an amount that included his initial $1,000 bank, stealing a $1,000 bank in the elimination arena, and two challenge wins at $5,000 apiece. Alyssa was his partner that week, so she also took home the $5,000 cash prize for her efforts.

Cashay joined the list in Episode 5 thanks to the strength of her teammate Tyson, who won his third challenge. In the sixth week, David and Desi won the main game and thus both earned enough money to qualify for T.J.’s finale. Thanks to their various performances in the seventh episode, Cayla, Domenick and Leo all joined the rest of the eligible finale players.

Beginning with Episode 8, the algorithm was removed as “The Challenge” became a wholly individual game. Angela won the challenge for the girls while Ben prevailed for the boys. Enzo later won the elimination game, and he stole all of Leo’s money, making him eligible for the final.

The ninth episode of “The Challenge: USA” airs August 31 2022 on CBS and is titled “Nevertheless She Persisted.”

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