Everything to know about ‘The Circle’ Season 5 on Netflix

Alert! Netflix has revealed that “The Circle” Season 5 will debut on December 28, 2022 and it will take place over four weeks (see the full schedule below). At the end of this fifth installment, which is dubbed “The Circle Singles,” the contestant who earns the highest rating from their fellow sequestered competitors will win the $150,000 grand prize. Read on for everything to know about “The Circle” Season 5 cast/release date, including the list of real players and catfishes.

Season 5 schedule:
Week 1 (December 28, 2022): Episodes 1-4
Week 2 (January 4, 2023): Episodes 5-8
Week 3 (January 11, 2023): Episodes 9-12
Week 4 (January 18, 2023): Finale Episode

The biggest news of the season is that there’s a “Singles” requirement for the cast members. That means only people who aren’t currently in a relationship (or those who consider their status to be “it’s complicated”) are eligible to compete. As always, none of the participants actually know who they’re playing against — instead, they only see profile pics as they engage with each other over social media.

The seven everyday contestants who have chosen to play the game as themselves are: Brett Robinson (from “Big Brother 20”), Chaz Lawery, Marvin Achi, Oliver Twixt, Sam Carmona, Raven Sutton (and her interpreter Paris), Tom Houghton and Xanthi Perdikomatis.

The deceptive players entering as catfish are: Billie-Jean Blackett (as her ex “Bruno”), Brian Clark (as his daughter “Brittney”) and Tasia Lesley (as “Tamira”).

Also, look out for Shubham Goel from “The Circle” Season 1 to return in an undisclosed role. The fan-favorite lost that 2020 contest to Joey Sasso in the final episode. “Hi, old friend. We’re back!” Shubham shouts in the video trailer for Season 5 (watch below).

Michelle Buteau returns to host the fun and flirty social media competition for the fifth time, though she doesn’t get to officially meet the competitors until the finale/reunion. “The Circle” is “the ultimate game of strategy, honey,” Michelle states in the promo video. “And this season, everyone is playing single.” Bring it on!

For those keeping track at home, the first four winners of “The Circle” U.S. version were three completely honest people (Season 1’s Joey Sasso, Season 3’s James Andre Jefferson Jr. and Season 4’s Frank Grimsley) and one sneaky catfish (Season 2’s Deleesa St. Agathe, who played as her boyfriend Trevor). Do you think a real person or a catfish will win Season 5? Stay tuned.


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