‘The Masked Singer’ Golden Ear update: Judges’ correct guesses after 4 episodes of Season 5

Beginning in Season 4, “The Masked Singer” introduced a competition within the competition by pitting the judges against each other all season long. Whoever ends up with the most correct first impression guesses will take home the coveted Golden Ear in the finale. Jenny McCarthy won the inaugural trophy and jokingly bragged to her fellow panelists, “You can go suck it!” She got four celebs right that year, while Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger tied at two apiece and Ken Jeong finished at zero.

Which expert sleuth will prevail in Season 5 of Fox’s reality TV show? Scroll down for “The Masked Singer” Golden Ear update featuring the judges’ correct guesses so far. Bookmark this page as we’ll be updating it throughout the season.

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Remember, if a judge’s final guess comes true, they don’t get a point. It’s all about their first impressions, which they write down on paper after seeing a celebrity’s debut performance. These predictions then get sealed away in a vault, where they’re kept safe until that contestant eventually unmasks.

In the Season 5 premiere, nobody guessed Kermit the Frog was actually hiding inside the Snail costume, so nobody earned a point toward the Golden Ear trophy. In the second episode, both Jenny and Ken’s first impressions came true when they pegged Caitlyn Jenner as Phoenix. The next two episodes were also duds, with none of the judges correctly naming either Danny Trejo (Raccoon) or Logan Paul (Grandpa Monster).

Here’s the current tally of “The Masked Singer” judges’ first impression scores for Season 5:

Jenny McCarthy — 1 correct guess
Caitlyn Jenner as Phoenix

Ken Jeong — 1 correct guess
Caitlyn Jenner as Phoenix

Robin Thicke — 0 correct guesses

Nicole Scherzinger — 0 correct guesses

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In Seasons 1-3, no such trophy was handed out. In Season 4, which aired in Fall 2020, Jenny won the Golden Ear thanks to savvily predicting the secret identities of Gremlin (Mickey Rourke), Lips (Wendy Williams), Squiggly Monster (Bob Saget) and Crocodile (Nick Carter) as her first impressions. The Golden Ear contest continued again in Season 5, which aired in Spring 2021.

“My dreams came true! I won,” Jenny said on social media after proving victorious. “I’m the first recipient of the Golden Ear trophy on ‘The Masked Singer.’ I am so honored, and let me just say, I accepted this humbly because I didn’t want to hurt my fellow panelists’ feelings.” The camera then cut away to Jenny grunting and shouting excitedly when she thought she was in private.

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