‘The Masked Singer’ Macaw guesses: David Archuleta, Zayn Malik, Elijah Wood … ?

The four panelists on “The Masked Singer” are squawking aimlessly as they try to figure out the identity of the secret celebrity hiding inside the Macaw costume. The multi-colored parrot performed Tim McGraw‘s “Live Like You Were Dying” during the sixth episode of Season 9 and then returned in the quarter-finals where he belted out “Your Song.” In the semi-finals, he received enough votes to advance to the season finale, which means we’ll all have to wait a bit longer to find out who he really is. Do YOU have any ideas? Read on for the judges’ “The Masked Singer” Macaw guesses.

“Macaw, it is country night and you took us to your country concert with that performance,” Nicole Scherzinger raved after he belted out “Live Like You Were Dying” on the big stage. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg chimed in that he “might just be the front-runner” for the night, which turned out to be true in the final vote count.

After the reveal of a silver medal clue, Macaw chirped aloud, “It wasn’t until I left the nest that I struck gold.” Jenny took that to mean he used to be a part of a group, such as One Direction singer Zayn Malik, who was “very public about his anxiety,” which was another clue. The silver medal might be a hint to the color of MTV’s Moon Person trophies that are handed out at the Video Music Awards; Zayn won Best Collaboration with Taylor Swift in 2017.

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Robin Thicke went in an entirely different direction, thinking the dolphin clue could be alluding to “Flipper” actor Elijah Wood, who also starred in the “Lord of the Rings” franchise as Frodo. He declared, “He’s been performing from a very young age … I think that’s Frodo!”

Doug Robb from Hoobastank was Nicole’s official guess for the feathered bird, though she admitted she didn’t “really know what’s going on.” She noted how even though Doug isn’t used to performing country tunes, “That boy can sing anything, he’s got an unbelievable range.”

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When Macaw returned and squawked out “Your Song” in the quarter-finals, a “leader” super-clue made the panelists’ heads spin. Ken Jeong thought it was an “easy” call and named Macaulay Culkin because he has the “Macaw” sound in his name. Other quick picks included Gavin DeGraw (Robin), Ryan Cabrera (Jenny) and Darren Criss (Nicole).

Nicole earned big applause when she threw out the celebrity David Archuleta of “American Idol” fame. He’s “someone who has won a silver medal before and his vocals remind me of this,” she noted. The other clue that made her think of David was that he decided to be “brave” this year, by joining the LGBTQ+ community.


“That was a Macaw concert tonight is what that was,” raved Nicole after the multi-colored parrot’s “What Makes You Beautiful” performance. “I love that song choice for you because you are staying true to who you are and the reason why you’re here. And I can tell you’re singing it with all of your heart and soul because you meant it, because you knew someone out there tonight needed to hear that. Amazing job.”

Their guesses this penultimate week included some past picks like Darren Criss and David Archuleta, as well as some new ones like Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Bedingfield. Hmm, so many “D” names!

Do you think the four judges are onto something with their Macaw guesses of Zayn Malik, Elijah Wood, Doug Robb, Macaulay Culkin, Gavin DeGraw, Ryan Cabrera, Darren Criss, David Archuleta, Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Bedingfield? Give us your own “The Masked Singer” predictions down in the comments section. Macaw will return in the season finale to face off against Medusa.

As a refresher, the eight winners so far on “TMS” have been Monster (T-Pain), Fox (Wayne Brady), Night Angel (Kandi Burruss), Sun (LeAnn Rimes), Piglet (Nick Lachey), Queen of Hearts (Jewel), Firefly (Teyana Taylor) and Harp (Amber Riley).

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