‘The Masked Singer’ spoilers: Who is Cyclops?

A huge part of the appeal of “The Masked Singer” is trying to figure out which famous faces are hidden beneath those masks. Season 7 of this reality competition series promises to be the toughest to date with a whopping 16 celebrities hidden inside 15 costumes.

The first five contestants who performed for the four judges (Ken JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke) were disguised as Cyclops, Firefly, McTerrier, Ram and Thingamabob. McTerrier was unmasked at the end of the premiere on March 9 and turned out to be Food Network star Duff Goldman.

The other four contestants returned to sing on the March 16 for their place in the Round 1 final on March 23. Of this quartet, the one whose real name we are having the hardest time figuring out is Cyclops. Before he sang we thought it was Jack Black. But now that we’ve seen him perform “My Sacrifice” by Creed and “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis Presley we think we’ve cracked it. Keep reading for all “The Masked Singer” spoilers, including the identity of Cyclops.

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We think that the Cyclops is movie star Corey Feldman. Don’t think so? Well consider the following:

The first clue is a treasure map; one of Corey’s biggest movies was “The Goonies,” which was all about a group of kids who go in search of a fortune. And remember, the name of the pirate with the long-lost fortune was One-Eyed Willy (a Cyclops of sorts!).

At the bottom right of the map is the number 4; Corey first came to fame as a precocious kid in a McDonald’s commercial touting the quarter-pounder (a 4 ounce hamburger). He parlayed that into a role on the short-lived TV version of “The Bad News Bears,” which would explain that shot of the teddy bear.

‘The Masked Singer’ spoilers

Other images from the first episode tie in to some of his more famous roles. There is a comic book with the number 86; that was the year that the now classic “Stand By Me” was released. The turtle makes us think of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”; Corey was the voice of Donatello in the 1990s film franchise and Slash on the recent TV series. And the robot refers to another of his voice over roles on “Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go.”

The Cyclops readily admits that he prefers monsters to heroes; Corey starred in some classic scary movies including “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” and “The Lost Boys” franchise. The latter is also referenced by the image of a compass, something that can help when you’re lost.

On episode 2, the Cyclops confessed, “All I wanted to do was make it past the first week. Now that I’ve done that, I’m here to have fun.” His “mega clue” is a meteorite that crashed to Earth in 1988. That was the year Corey filmed “Dream a Little Dream,” which featured the song “Meteor Shower” by Owl City on its soundtrack.

When he is not making movies, Feldman loves to raise his voice in song and has released three albums.

We will only find out if we are right that Cyclops is Corey Feldman when he is unmasked. That will happen when he loses a vote or wins the show. Do you think we are right about the true identity of Cyclops? Sound off in the comments section with your best guesses.

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