Who will win ‘Survivor 41’? Xander Hastings, Deshawn Radden lead predictions in Top 8

Eighteen people ventured to Fiji to compete on “Survivor 41,” but only one will become the ultimate recipient of the $1 million prize and join the show’s iconic winners list. As of this writing, eight castaways remain on the island and time is running out as the finale is scheduled for mid-December. Who will win “Survivor 41”? All season long, our readers have been making their predictions at Gold Derby and things are looking good for Xander Hastings and Deshawn Radden.

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Below are the updated winner predictions for “Survivor” Season 41, as of the Top 8. Do you agree or disagree with these racetrack odds, which are derived from the predictions of your fellow users?

1. Deshawn Radden — 82/25 odds

2. Xander Hastings — 17/5 odds

3. Shan Smith — 4/1 odds

4. Ricard Foye — 15/2 odds

5. Liana Wallace — 9/1 odds

6. Erika Casupanan — 23/2 odds

7. Danny McCray — 40/1 odds

8. Heather Aldret — 56/1 odds

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The ninth place and 10th place castaways were Evvie Jagoda and Naseer Muttalif, both getting their torches snuffed during the November 17 episode. Evvie was ousted when her buddy Xander decided not to give her his hidden immunity idol, instead believing he’d convinced Deshawn and Danny to vote out Liana (he hadn’t). And Naseer was blindsided when the other four in his group (Shan, Ricard, Erika and Heather) decided to flush out his hidden immunity idol.

Of the Top 8, Xander is the only person still with a secret advantage — in fact, he has two. He received an extra vote in the first episode an an idol just before the merge. Both of his advantages are public knowledge at this point, but so far the other players haven’t been able to flush out either of them.

In addition, all of the eight remaining contestants have a Shot in the Dark in their pockets that they can use whenever they feel in danger of going home. If they play their die (by giving up their vote), they have a one-in-six chance of drawing a “safe” parchment and staying in the game, regardless of how the vote falls.

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