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  • Boidiva02
    May 24th, 2011

    If there was such a thing as an “All-Time Emmy’s”, awarding performances from the entire history of daytime TV who would your dream nominees be?  

    This is just for fun.

    Here are mine:

    * represents winner 

    All-Time Outstanding Drama:
     General Hospital, ABC
    All My Children, ABC
    The Young & Restless, CBS
    Another World, NBC *
    Guiding Light, CBS
    Sanata Barbara, NBC
    As the World Turns, CBS
    Ryan’s Hope, ABC
    Search for Tomorrow, CBS/NBC 
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    All-Time Lead Actress:
    Erika Slezak, One Life To Live, ABC*
    Beverlee McKinsey, Guiding Light, CBS
    Susan Lucci, All My Children, ABC
    Susan Flannery, Bold & Beautiful, CBS
    Michelle Stafford, Young & Restless, CBS
    Finola Hughes, General Hospital, ABC
    Linda Dano, Another World, NBC
    Mary Stuart, Search for Tomorrow, CBS/NBC 
    Kim Zimmer, Guiding Light, CBS
    Martha Byrne, As the World Turns, CBS

    All-Time Lead Actor:
    David Canary, All My Children, ABC
    Anthony Geary, General Hospital, ABC
    A. Martinez, Santa Barbara, NBC
    Michael Park, As The World Turns, CBS
    Justin Deas, Guiding Light, CBS
    Maurice Benard, General Hospital, ABC
    Stephen Schnetzer, Another World, NBC
     Robert S. Woods, One Life To Live, ABC
    Douglas Watson, Another World, NBC
    Eric Breaden, Young & Restless, CBS*

    All-Time Supporting Actress:
    Susan Haskell, One Life To Live, ABC
    Victoria Rowell, Young & Restless, CBS
    Nancy Lee Grahn, Santa Barbara, NBC
    Sarah Brown, General Hosptial, ABC
    Crystall Chappell, Guiding Light, CBS
    Judith Light, One Life To Live, ABC*
    Julia Barr, All My Children, ABC
    Debbie Morgan, All My Children, ABC 
    Robin Mattson, Santa Barbara, NBC
    Robin Strasser, One Life To Live, ABC 

    All-Time Supporting Actor:
     Michael Sutton, General Hospital, ABC
    Josh Duhamel, All My Children, ABC
    Kristoff St. John, Young & Restless, CBS
    Jerry Ver Dorn, Guiding Light, CBS
    Rick Hearst, General Hosptial, ABC
    Ron Hale, Ryan’s Hope, ABC
    Justin Deas, As The World Turns, CBS
    Charles Keating, Another World, NBC*
    Gerald Anthony, One Life To Live, ABC
     Stuart Damon, General Hospital, ABC

    All-Time Younger Actress:
     Heather Tom, Young & Restless, CBS* TIE 
    Kimberly Mccoullagh, General Hospital, ABC
    Camryn Grimes, Young & Restless, CBS
    Jennifer Finnigan, Bold & Beautiful, CBS
    Eden Reigel, All My Children, ABC
    Anne Heche, Another World, NBC
    Jennifer Landon, As The World Turns, CBS
    Ellen Wheeler, Another World, NBC
    Sarah Michelle Gellar, All My Children, ABC* TIE
    Sarah Brown, General Hospital, ABC* TIE 
    Tricia Cast, Young & Restless, CBS 

    All-Time Younger Actor:
     Jonathan Jackson, General Hospital, ABC* 
    Brian Bloom, As The World Turns, CBS
     Michael E. Knight, All My Children, ABC
    Roger Howarth, One Life To Live, ABC
    Billy Warlock, Days of Our Lives, NBC
    Tom Phelphrey, Guiding Light, CBS
    Chandler Massey, Days of Our Lives, NBC
    Scott Clifton, Bold & Beautiful, CBS
    Scott Clifton, General Hospital, ABC
    Rick Hearst, Guiding Light, CBS 

    All-Time Writing Team:
     General Hospital, ABC
    The Young & Restless, CBS
    Santa Barbara, NBC*
    One Life To Live,  ABC
    All My Children, ABC
    Another World, NBC
    As The World Turn, CBS
    Search for Tomorrow, CBS/NBC
    Guiding Light, CBS
    The Doctors, NBC 

    All-Time Directing Team:
     Santa Barbara, NBC
    As The World Turns, CBS
    Days of Our Lives, NBC
    General Hospital, ABC
    Guiding Light,  CBS
    The Young & Restless, CBS
    Ryan’s Hope, ABC
    One Life To Live, ABC* 
    The Bold & Beautiful, CBS
    Another World, NBC 


    Jun 6th, 2011

    What a fun idea!  I capped my categories at 5 noms, which is ridiculous, but I figured I would end up nominating everyone otherwise haha.  I also added two personal categories at the end. Here goes…

    Drama Series 

    Lead Actress
    Maura West, ATWT
    Katherine Kelly Lang, B&B
    Eileen Davidson, DOOL
    Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R
    Michelle Stafford, Y&R

    Lead Actor
    Vincent Irizarry, AMC
    Michael E Knight, AMC
    Michael Park, ATWT
    Peter Bergman, Y&R
    Eric Braeden, Y&R

    Supporting Actress
    Lesli Kay, ATWT
    Cady McClain, ATWT
    Robin Christopher, GH
    Heather Tom, Y&R
    Jess Walton, Y&R

    Supporting Actor
    William deVry, B&B
    Jonathan Jackson, GH
    Jason Thompson GH
    Billy Miller, Y&R
    Christian LeBlanc, Y&R

    Younger Actress (tie)
    Sarah Michelle Gellar, AMC
    Christie Clark, DOOL
    Kimberly McCullough, GH
    Lyndsy Fonseca, Y&R
    Camryn Grimes, Y&R

    Younger Actor
    Brian Bloom, ATWT
    Jensen Ackles, DOOL
    Chandler Massey, DOOL
    Thad Luckinbill, Y&R
    David Tom, Y&R



    Fan Favourite
    Rebecca Budig, AMC
    Hunter Tylo, B&B
    Sarah Brown, GH
    Vanessa Marcil, GH
    Victoria Rowell, Y&R

    Favourite Recast
    Jamie Luner, AMC
    Noelle Beck, ATWT
    Jennifer Ferrin, ATWT
    Kelly Sullivan, GH
    Laura Wright, GH

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    Sep 15th, 2011

    Oh, I wouldn’t want to give this much focus! (It’s too much.)

    Let me just say that, among those who actually did win Emmys, a big shout-out has to go to the three-time winner Helen Gallagher for her down-to-earth, emotional reality on Ryan’s Hope.

    Seeing that Boidiva02 made a list, it’s fun. There’s no harm. And a big thank-you, from some time ago, to BERLIN2002 for singling out Another World‘s Victoria Wyndham who, frankly, had such conviction with her work on Another World. She was nominated in 1978 and 1979 but I didn’t tune in regularly until the mid-1980s (it was a gradual process; I have now topped 30 years of soap-opera viewership).

    As for this breaking down of the categories…that’s part of the turnoff to me. So many “younger”-acting nominees were carrying lead roles, circa the second half of the 1980s and first half of the 1990s, the only reason they weren’t stepping up to “lead” ranks, on the nomination ballot, was due to office politics. So, I’m not going to get into any categorical listings. But, during my time frame, any salute wouldn’t feel right without mentioning Helen Gallager.

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    Sep 30th, 2011

    It’s fun to read people’s lists, though I agree that it is difficult to do this because of category placements that changed year after year.  Would be fun to do it by including the actor/actress and year, but my memory wouldn’t be able to do that.

    Here’s some that came to the top of my head: (bear in mind I have watched soaps since circa 1995)

    One Life to Live (Carlivati years)
    Guiding Light (1997-98 or around the early Paul Rauch/Esensten&Brown years)
    Days of Our Lives 2014
    General Hospital (1995-96, early Guza/Riche years)
    General Hospital (1994-95?, the Labine years)
    The Young and the Restless 1995-97
    As the World Turns (2000-2002?, the Hogan Scheffer years)

    Eric Braeden (Y&R, either the year he lived with Hope, or 1996-97)
    Tony Geary (GH, the year Lucky found out about Laura’s rape)
    Hunt Block (ATWT, early 2000s)
    Billy Miller (Y&R, 2012-13ish)
    Robert Newman (GL, 1997? — the Reva clone story, he was amazing)
    Robert S. Woods (OLTL, the year that Nora cheated with Sam)

    Cynthia Watros (GL, 1996-98, Annie’s reign of terror)
    Eileen Davidson (DOOL, either 1997? or 2014)
    Martha Byrne (ATWT, around the second year that she was playing both Lily and Rose)
    Susan Flannery (B&B, the year she reconnected with her mother)
    Colleen Zenk (ATWT, either when Barbara burned her face or when she went psycho during the Scheffer years)
    Genie Francis (GH, the year of Lucky’s death)
    Melody Thomas Scott (Y&R, either 2014 or 2010-11?)
    Maura West (ATWT, the Scheffer years)
    Debbi Morgan (AMC, 2010-11)
    Leslie Charleson (GH, 1996 breast cancer)

    Michelle Stafford (Y&R, 1994-95 her introduction)
    Cady McClain (ATWT, the Scheffer years)
    Amy Ecklund (GL, the year Abby was raped)
    Jess Walton (Y&R, the year she was convicted of shooting Victor)
    Tonya Lee Williams (Y&R, 1995-96? when Nathan cheated on her and got AIDS)
    Julia Barr (AMC, 1996-97?, the year of the plane crash) 
    Eva LaRue (AMC, 1995-96?, the year of the custody battle and romance with Edmund)
    Maeve Kinkaid (GL, 1995-96?, the romance with Matt and when she thought she got a terminal disease)
    Gina Tognoni (GL, the year Dinah went blind) 
    Beth Ehlers (GL, 1997 or around, the year of her romance with Philip)

    Michael O’Leary (GL, 1996-97) 
    Jerry ver Dorn (GL, the year he found out about Blake and Ben Warren)
    Rick Hearst (B&B, his first year on the show — I loved Whip!)
    Doug Davidson (Y&R, the year Paul Williams was found alive)
    Shemar Moore (Y&R, 1998 or so)
    Trent Dawson (ATWT, mid-2000s)
    Justin Deas (GL, the year Jenna died)
    Stuart Damon (GH, when Alan became addicted to speed — was it speed?)

    Eden Riegel (AMC, the year Bianca came out)
    Jennifer Finnigan (B&B, the Brooke/Deacon reveal)
    Camryn Grimes (Y&R, her early years)
    Rhonda Ross (Another World, the year Toni was raped)
    Kimberly McCullough (GH, the Stone storyline)
    Joie Lenz (GL, as the younger Reva during the clone storyline)
    Sarah Brown (GH, her first year)
    Heather Tom (Y&R, she was phenomenal in the mid-90s)

    David Tom (Y&R, 2000-2001)
    David Lago (Y&R, 2001-03 or about)
    Jonathan Jackson (GH, jeeez so many, I would have to say the year he found out about Laura’s rape, and his relationship with Liz)
    Tom Pelphrey (GL, his introduction to the show)
    Jensen Ackles (DOOL, 1999-2000) 
    Chandler Massey (DOOL, 2012-13)

    Wow, that was fun…  I’m probably forgetting MANY, but those are the ones that stuck out in my head. The mid-90s were a great soap era.

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    Feb 19th, 2012

    All My Children
    Another World
    As The World Turns
    Days Of Our Lives
    The Doctors
    The Edge Of Night
    Guiding Light
    One Life To Live
    Ryan’s Hope

    Julia Barr, All My Children
    Francesca James, All My Children
    Beverlee McKinsey, Another World
    Victoria Wyndham, Another World
    Margaret Colin, As The World Turns
    Elizabeth Hubbard, As The World Turns
    Hillary B. Smith, As The World Turns
    Maura West, As The World Turns

    Collen Zenk, As The World Turns
    Susan Flannery, The Bold and the Beautiful
    Eileen Davidson, Days Of Our Lives
    Alison Sweeney, Days Of Our Lives
    Elizabeth Hubbard, The Doctors
    Sharon Gabet, The Edge Of Night
    Kim Hunter, The Edge Of Night
    Louise Shaffer, The Edge Of Night
    Denise Alexander, General Hospital
    Genie Francis, General Hospital
    Lisa Brown, Guiding Light
    Beth Ehlers, Guiding Light
    Maureen Garrett, Guiding Light
    Beverlee McKinsey, Guiding Light
    Kim Zimmer, Guiding Light
    Hillary B. Smith, One Life to Live
    Robin Strasser, One Life To Live

    Nancy Addison, Ryan’s Hope
    Sarah Felder, Ryan’s Hope
    Helen Gallagher, Ryan’s Hope
    Ilene Kristen, Ryan’s Hope
    Karen Morris-Gowdy, Ryan’s Hope
    Marcy Walker, Santa Barbara
    Jeanne Cooper, The Young and the Restless

    David Canary, All My Children
    James Mitchell, All My Children
    Stephen Schnetzer, Another World
    Dougass Watson, Another World
    Larry Bryggman, As The World Turns
    Scott Bryce, As The World Turns
    Don Hastings, As The World Turns
    Anthony Herrera, As The World Turns
    Joel Crothers, The Edge Of Night
    Larkin Malloy, The Edge Of Night
    Tony Geary, General Hospital
    Christopher Bernau, Guiding Light
    Michael Zaslow, Guiding Light
    Joseph Breen, Loving
    Roger Howarth, One Life To Live
    Christian LeBlanc, TheYoung and the Restless
    Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless
    Michael Muhney, The Young and the Restless

    Eileen Herlie, All My Children
    Dorothy Lyman, All My Children
    Constance Ford, Another World
    Kathryn Hays, As The World Turns
    Suzanne Rogers, Days Of Our Lives
    Jada Rowland, The Doctors
    Meg Mundy, The Doctors
    Ann Flood, The Edge Of Night
    Lois Kibbee, The Edge Of Night
    Jane Elliot, General Hospital
    Nancy Lee Grahn, General Hospital
    Robin Mattson, General Hospital
    Nada Rowand, Loving
    Judith Chapman, Ryan’s Hope
    Randall Edwards, Ryan’s Hope
    Louise Shaffer, Ryan’s Hope
    Robin Mattson, Santa Barbara

    Matthew Cowles, All My Children
    Charles Keating, Another World
    Hunt Block, As The World Turns
    Benjamin Hendrickson, As The World Turns
    Scott Holmes, As The World Turns
    Michael Park, As The World Turns
    John Wesley Shipp, As The World Turns
    John Aniston, Days Of Our Lives
    Freddie Smith, Days Of Our Lives
    Justin Deas, Guiding Light
    Larry Gates, Guiding Light
    Jerry verDorn, Guiding Light
    Bernard Barrow, Ryan’s Hope
    Roscoe Born, Ryan’s Hope
    Ron Hale, Ryan’s Hope
    Larry Haines, Search For Tomorrow
    Lane Davies, Santa Barbara

    Eden Riegel, All My Children
    Sarah Michelle Gellar, All My Children
    Anne Heche, Another World
    Ellen Wheeler, Another World
    Martha Byrne, As The World Turns
    Julianne Moore, As The World Turns
    Alison Sweeney, Days Of Our Lives
    Sarah J. Brown, General Hospital
    Kimberly McCullough, General Hospital
    Beth Ehlers, Guiding Light
    Melissa Hayden, Guiding Light
    Kristen Alderson, One Life To Live
    Gina Tognoni, One LIfe To Live
    Erin Torpey, One Life To Live
    Kate Mulgrew, Ryan’s Hope
    Tricia Cast, The Young and the Restless
    Camryn Grimes, The Young and the Restless
    Beth Maitland, The Young and the Restless

    Matt Crane, Another World
    Brian Bloom, As The World Turns
    Scott DeFreitas, As The World Turns
    Andrew Kavovit, As The World Turns
    Chandler Massey, Days Of Our Lives
    Freddie Smith, Days Of Our Lives
    Jonathan Jackson, General Hospital
    Grant Aleksander, Guiding Light
    Roger Howarth, One Life To Live

    Oh, I could think of hundreds more, I’m sure! (: (btw, Kate Mulgrew was 20 years old when she began playing Mary Ryan on RH)

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    What fun!  This is going to take me a while . . .

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    Jan 18th, 2013

    Soapsarecool, Alan was addicted to a painkiller (hydrocodone). Also the Monica breast cancer storyline went from 94-95. I’d also nominate Brad Maule’s iconic work from May of 1994 when BJ dies. It’s been over 20 years and it is still gut wrenching.

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    May 24th, 2011

    I had to look up the different categories on wikipedia to make sure I included people from a cross section of different soaps.   Of course it was easier for me to name people from the ABC soaps which I watched most closely… It’s hard cause somebody always gets left out… but I did my best.

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    Jan 1st, 1970

    As the World Turns

    David Canary for All My Children

    Kim Zimmer for Guiding Light

    Supporting Actress
    Judith Light for One Life to Live

    Supporting Actor
    Brad Maule for General Hospital

    Ensemble Cast
    As The World Turns

    Hogan Sheffer for As The World Turns

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    Mar 17th, 2015

    Since this is the All-time Emmys, I’m only going with the winners from each category.

    Drama Series

    All My Children

    As The World Turns

    Another World

    The Bold & The Beautiful

    Days Of Our Lives

    General Hospial

    Guiding Light

    One Life To Live

    Santa Barbara

    Young & The Restless

    I’ll start with the actresses first.

    Lead Actress

    Erika Slezak

    Robin Strasser

    Susan Flannery

    Finola Hughes

    Kim Zimmer

    Michelle Stafford

    Helen Gallagher

    Judith Light

    Cynthia Watros

    Eileen Davidson

    Supporting Actress

    Jane Elliot

    Dorothy Lyman

    Debbi Morgan

    Nancy Lee Grahn

    Julia Barr

    Ellen Parker

    Susan Haskell

    Vanessa Marcil

    Cady McClain

    Genie Francis

    Gina Tognoni

    Younger Actress

    Martha Byrne

    Julianne Moore

    Ellen Wheeler

    Anne Heche

    Kimberly McCulough

    Heather Tom

    Sarah Brown

    Jennifer Finnigan

    Eden Reigel

    Julie Marie Berman

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    Linda Tatum
    Mar 10th, 2015

    Show: All My Children

    Actor: 2 Time Emmy winner Darnell Williams. Groundbreaking, Emmy history maker, and from his entire time on AMC.

    Actress: Emmy winner Debbi Morgan. Emmy history maker and groundbreaking, for her roles in Daytime, history maker on AMC.

    I will have my supporting actors soon.

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