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Best Actor in a Digital Series Emmy reels are up

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    Feb 19th, 2012

    Just finished watching them and what a contrast: while all five of the actresses deserve to win – they are all superb – the actors leave a whole lot to be desired imo…

    Kristos Andrews as Peter Garrett in The Bay. I am a regular viewer of The Bay – which is a really terrific soap – but I would say KA’s Peter is a weak link on the show. He’s vacuous and not a very good actor. Not sure why he was nominated. Meh…

    Van Hansis as Thom in EastSiders. This gay-themed soap is wonderful; I’ve seen every episode and I particularly like the particular one he submitted. He plays a jerk though, and I prefer Kit Williamson – I am disappointed Kit wasn’t nominated, he’s much more deserving for this Emmy (maybe he didn’t submit?). I liked the supportive boyfriend part at the beginning and then the jerk boyfriend at the end contrast in VH’s reel.

    Rick Hearst as Mr. Ryan in Youthful Daze. Unfamiliar with this show; RH’s performance feels very one-note to me. He is menacing but not much else.

    J P Pardo as Jesus in East Los High. I really enjoy this show; it’s a bout teens, mostly hispanic, in East Los Angeles. His reel was interesting, not so much his acting but the production values, the camera work, the writing, and his co-star was quite good.

    Kevin Spirtas as Dominic Delacort in Winterthorne. Winterthorne has to be seen to be believed; it’s an insane soap about the secrets behind a brand of chocolate! It’s sci-fi soap and it’s nutty fun! KS is very good but for me this is Martha Madison’s scene, so different than her work on Days as Belle – she’s tough and exciting, surprised she didn’t get a nomination. Winterthorne only has four episodes (so far) so it’s more like a crazy made-for-TV movie than a traditional soap.

    1. Van Hansis, EastSiders
    2. J P Pardo, East Los High
    3. Kevin Spirtas, Winterthorne
    4. Rick Hearst, Youthful Daze
    5. Kristos Andrews, The Bay

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