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Best Actress prenoms: what should each submit?

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Robert Bruce
  • FreemanGriffin
    Feb 19th, 2012

    in your opinion, what episodes would be best for each of the ten actresses to submit to the blue ribbon panels?

    Here are some of my suggestions:

    Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, Y&R)
    May 18: Lauren deals with Fen’s reaction to her separation from Michael and also Michael’s outburst
    June 8: Lauren and Cane reflect on their kiss; Michael confronts her

    Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Y&R)
    March 29: Ashley is firm with Abby
    date unkown: during the inferno, things heat up between Ashley and Stitch

    Kassie DePaiva (Eve, Days)
    To many to mention them all, but two standouts are:
    September 9: Eve learns that Paige has been killed and falls to pieces
    October 2: Paige’s funeral
    (I also love the confrontation scenes between Eve & Jennifer, Eve & J.J., and Eve & Paige – also her scenes with Teresa and Eduardo when she was packing up Paige’s things)

    Melissa Clare Egan (Chelsea, Y&R)
    July 14: Chelsea learns that Gabriel is really Adam
    October 1: Chelsea figures out that Adam is behind Paragon and confronts him

    Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, Days)
    September 30: Caroline’s illness progresses and she doesn’t recognize Kayla
    October 5: Kayla struggles with her decision to go ahead with an experimental drug for Caroline
    (I also loved when Kayla told Caroline about Will’s death)

    Finola Hughes (Anna, GH)
    May 11: Duke dies – Anna has romantic scenes followed by sorrow at his death
    October 20: Anna almost confesses to “killing” Carlos in a therapy session with Kevin
    (she had many other great scenes, incl. “killing” Carlos, and a particularly poignant scene with BRS’ Emma)

    Kate Mansi (Abigail, Days)
    October 22: Abby pleads at Chad’s bedside for him to wake up
    November 24: Abigail figures out that Ben is the necktie killer
    (also: when Chad tells her he loves her; and when Chad pleads for her to choose him instead of Ben)

    Gina Tognoni (Phyllis, Y&R)
    July 9: Phyllis is at “Jack’s” bedside
    (others who like this actress in this role might have ideas on what she ought to submit)

    Maura West (Ava, GH)
    March 5, 6 and 9: Ava is at Delia’s after her wake; and then Silas tells her she is dying – she asks him for help with assisted suicide
    (I prefer) August 24 and 25: “Denise” is on the witness stand; she confesses to really being Ava

    Laura Wright (Carly, GH)
    October 22: Sonny falls out of his wheelchair and Carly pleads with him to get help
    Date unknown: Carly tells “Jake” that he is Jason

    Any thoughts on better submissions?

    Jun 19th, 2011

    I think the April 23 episode was actually the strongest episode for Kassie DePaiva, and the writing was more original. However, the scenes following Paige’s death are the more obvious choices and they were great too.

    Maura West should definitely submit one of the episodes pertaining to her illness. Although her performance on the stand was memorable, the storyline itself is best forgotten.

    I don’t really have any ideas about the others. I feel that Kassie DePaiva is unbeatable, but given the mixed response to her from “fans,” who knows if she will even get a nomination. If she does win, it will be yet another example of “Days” scoring an award for an actor no longer on the canvas. 

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    Aug 19th, 2012

    Great list Freeman, and I pretty much agree with most of
    your choices!  I think Kassie can
    definitely benefit from the new two episode rule.  I think if she submits the April 23 episode
    with Jennifer, and then the October 2 episode of Paige’s funeral, it SHOULD be
    a slam dunk for her.  This would also
    show a range for her, rather than submitting two episodes surrounding Paige’s
    death because, although she was great in that whole story, the performances
    likely all hit on similar notes.    

    I think I am one of the few here that actually likes Gina
    Tognoni as Phyllis, but I hope she doesn’t make it to the final list because I don’t
    think she had that great of material overall, especially compared to
    others.  I think the July 9 episode is probably
    her best episode, and then I think it would pair well with the October 5 episode
    where everyone finds out about Adam and she learns that Jack knew all
    along.  She gets to show sadness and
    vulnerability in one episode, and then anger in the next. 

    I agree with everything already said about Maura.  I think the March 9 episode where she
    actually learns she had cancer is probably the best from that group of episodes.  I would honestly stay away from everything
    having to do with Denise.  Her
    performance was great in that courtroom reveal, but I feel like the silliness
    of the story and the terrible looking wig would take away from her
    performance.  I would probably choose the
    custody battle for Avery when she gets Sonny to threaten her and catches it on
    tape.  Again, it would make for a great
    contrast.  Vulnerability, no makeup, and
    scared learning she has cancer, and then to go to true Ava mode in the next
    episode would show incredible range. 

    I think Laura Wright’s best is probably the October 22
    episode.  Since they can submit 2, I
    would probably submit her performance as Lena Spencer in the anniversary episode
    as her other one to show the most range. 
    On a side note, for the prenom round she submitted scenes where she was
    at Sonny’s bedside following the shooting. 
    I’m not sure on the actual date, as I think she did this for several episodes.  The only one I could find that it may be when
    I googled the description was October 6. 

    I think May 11 is definitely a must submit for Finola, as
    she finds out Duke dies and also gets to blast Julian for his part in it.  I would say a good second choice is either
    when she has her therapy session with Kevin on October 20, or when she
    confesses to Andre on November 23. 

    I think Marybeth Evans should submit something surrounding
    Bo’s diagnosis and death as one of her episodes, rather than submitting two
    surrounding Caroline’s health.  I don’t have
    a specific date, but I remember her being particularly good when she first had
    to tell Bo he was sick. 

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    Great calls on these!  I had forgotten about it, but Mary Beth Evans was really stellar in the episode where she tells Bo about his tumor, so I think that would be a good choice along with one of the Caroline-centric episodes.  A big problem for her will be not appearing to be a side player in her lead actress reel, but I can hardly think of any episode where that won’t be a problem.

    While I agree that the Denise story was silly and just annoying, I think the episode where Scott grills her on the witness stand was probably her most memorable work all year for me.  It seems negligent not to submit something from the cancer storyline, even though the way that was handled and the fact that it led into the Denise story doesn’t help there either.  There is, at least, a degree of storyline continuity between Ava learning she had cancer and her courtroom confession that recounts to some degree, as I recall, what happened between those two points.

    I love that April 23 episode for Kassie DePaiva, and I do think that with one of the Paige grief episodes will work well.  The funeral is great, and there’s also one with Eduardo that is excellent.  I’ll have to look back through the citations to refresh my memory on which dates.  And again, I think that storytelling will play a role, so if there’s an episode that helps to connect the stuff from the triangle with JJ and Paige to her grief, that could be even more powerful.

    For Finola Hughes, if I recall, I think I preferred the later therapy episode with Andre to the earlier one, because it was more all-encompassing.  That said, depending on what else she wants to submit, all-encompassing may not be necessary.  I would go with that episode and one of the ones after Duke’s death, either finding out he had died or around the time she first started dealing with the grief of having murdered Carlos. 

    I may have to give some thought to Laura Wright and Kate Mansi. 

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    May 24th, 2011

    Kassie DePavia did an interview with Michael Fairman and these are the scenes she submitted to the emmy’s 

    For the blue-ribbon round I am going with the scenes with A Martinez (Eduardo) after Paige dies, and scenes surrounding Paige’s funeral.

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    Sep 27th, 2011

    Kassie DePavia did an interview with Michael Fairman and these are the scenes she submitted to the emmy’s 

    For the blue-ribbon round I am going with the scenes with A Martinez (Eduardo) after Paige dies, and scenes surrounding Paige’s funeral.

    Great choices. 

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    Nov 15th, 2014

    Kassie is beatable if nominated by a few GH ladies. MW has some really great reels that I just watched again….the Ava breakdown on the witness stand/aftermath while in jail with Julian/Sonny. FH also have some meaty material with Anna dealing with Callos’s death..taking to ghost Carlos..and grieving Duke..

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    Aug 24th, 2015

    Finola Hughes did an interview with Michael Fairman and those are the scenes she sumbitted for both rounds:

    For the Pre-Noms, I chose when Anna tells Andre she killed Carlos, I think. (Laughs). Second round, I think I used some of that, and some of the Duke material.  

    Great sumbissions for her!! So excited for the Daytime Emmy nominations to come out next week!

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