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Best Performers of the decade from your favorite soaps

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    Oct 2nd, 2011

    Since it’s almost the end of another decade, I thought it’d be fun to point out some of our favorite performers best moments of the decade, from our favorite soaps. Most of my favorites are what got them nominated for emmy’s, but also some that didn’t.

    I’ll go first.

    From Days of our Lives:

    Alison Sweeney- blowing up at EJ about the affair with Abigail ( got her nominated )
    Eileen Davidson- Her entire 2013 storyline, that got her nominated.
    Renee Jones- The episode where she dies ( that didn’t but should have got her nominated )
    Shelley Hennig- Her fight with Nathan on her wedding day ( that got her nominated )
    Camila Banus- Her amazing performance, when ripping open all those letters, trying to stop JJ from committing suicide ( that should have got her nominated )
    Mary Beth Evans- When she had to tell Bo that his brain tumor was inoperable. ( that she won for )
    Suzanne Rogers: Falling off the wagon storyline
    Olivia Rose Keegan: Her arson Storyline ( I really hope she gets nominated and wins the combined younger acting emmy, she definitely deserves the most improved performer award )
    Kate mansi: Her entire winning emmy reel ( getting checked into the psych hospital, and trying to burn Ben )
    Melissa Reeves: her emmy nominated Reel telling off Eve for sleeping with JJ.

    and the guys:

    Casey moss: entire suicide storyline ( that got him nominated )
    Drake Hogestyn: Marlena’s DNR storyline
    Eric Martsolf: drug addiction storyline that got him his win.
    Tyler Christopher: In the room with Abigail ( Kate mansi’s first full episode back ) when she pretended to be Gabby, to get him to help her.
    Chandler Massey: His coming out storyline, his return from the dead amnesia storyline. His breakup with Gabi episode. Pretty much any storyline he has been in, aside from his first few months, where all he did was grin in every scene. lol
    Lucas Adams: When he was evil and out for revenge on Kayla ( that got him nominated )
    Stephen Nichols: His blind storyline.

    I’ve probably missed a few, I’m sure some can add to it. I look forward to hearing others from Dool and from other soaps. 🙂

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