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Do You Remember the Times of Your Soap Life?

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  • Robert Bruce
    Jun 19th, 2011

    Looking at these threads has me reminiscing about my soap viewership since childhood. One of the reasons I have difficulty identifying my all-time favorite soaps is because my viewership has shifted so often over the years. The list below represents what I think is a list of my favorites year by year. I am relying on my memory, which admittedly may be faulty.

    1973 Where the Heart Is
    1974 The Young & the Restless
    1975 The Young & the Restless
    1976 Search for Tomorrow
    1977 Ryan’s Hope
    1978 Search for Tomorrow
    1979 Love of Life
    1980 General Hospital
    1981 Guiding Light
    1982 Guiding Light
    1983 General Hospital
    1984 The Young & the Restless
    1985 General Hospital
    1986 As the World Turns
    1987 As the World Turns
    1988 Santa Barbara
    1989 Guiding Light
    1990 As the World Turns
    1991 As the World Turns
    1992 One Life to Live
    1993 One Life to Live
    1994 General Hospital
    1995 General Hospital
    1996 All My Children
    1997 Guiding Light
    1998 Guiding Light
    1999 The Young & the Restless
    2000 The Young & the Restless
    2001 The Young & the Restless
    2002 The Young & the Restless
    2003 The Young & the Restless
    2004 The Young & the Restless
    2005 The Young & the Restless
    2006 The Young & the Restless
    2007 One Life to Live
    2008 One Life to Live
    2009 One Life to Live
    2010 One Life to Live
    2011 One Life to Live
    2012 General Hospital
    2013 General Hospital
    2014 Days of our Lives
    2015 Days of our Lives
    2016 The Bold & the Beautiful

    May 24th, 2011

    I’m game to try this!

    I’m gonna start with with my first memory of viewing soaps, not necessarily when I watched on a regular basis. I also am prone to a faulty memory and this is my best recollection.

    1985: General Hospital
    1986: General Hospital
    1987: General Hospital
    1988: General Hospital
    1989: General Hospital
    1990: General Hospital
    1991: General Hospital
    1992: General Hospital
    1993: Tie- General Hospital and One Life To Live
    1994: One Life To Live
    1995: TIE- Loving and General Hospital
    1996- TIE- General Hospital and The City
    1997: 3-Way TIE- General Hospital, All My Children and Guiding Light
    1998: General Hospital
    1999: General Hospital
    2000: General Hospital
    2001: General Hospital
    2002: TIE- One Life To Live and Port Charles
    2003: 3-Way TIE- One Life To Live, Port Charles and As The World Turns
    2004- All My Children
    2005: All My Children
    2006: General Hospital
    2007: General Hospital
    2008: One Life To Live
    2009: One Life To Live
    2010: One Life To Live
    2011: All My Children
    2012: All My Children
    2013: General Hospital
    2014: General Hospital
    2015: General Hospital
    2016: General Hospital (Though I no longer watch on a regular basis).

    So If I were to tally this up:
    ”General Hospital” would be way out on top, with 22 entries on the list. In second place is “One Life To Live” with 7 entries. “All My Children” has 3 for third place. “Port Charles” has 2 entries on the list. With one entry each is “Guiding Light”, “As The World Turns”, “Loving” and “The City”.

    Now I’ll do primetime soaps.

    1990: Beverly Hills, 90210
    1991: TIE— Beverly Hills, 90210 and Sisters
    1992: TIE- Beverly Hills, 90210 and Sisters
    1993: TIE- Beverly Hills, 90210 and Sisters
    1994: TIE- Models Inc and Beverly Hills, 90210
    1995: TIE- Models Inc., and Beverly Hills, 90210
    1996: Party of Five
    1997: TIE- Melrose Place and Savannah
    1998: TIE–Dawson’s Creek and Melrose Place
    1999: TIE— Party of Five and Melrose Place
    2000: Dawson’s Creek
    2001: Dawson’s Creek
    2002: Felicity
    2003: The O.C.
    2004: The O.C.
    2005: Desperate Housewives
    2006: Desperate Housewives
    2007: TIE- Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives
    2008: TIE- Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives
    2009: Grey’s Anatomy
    2010: Grey’s Anatomy
    2011: Grey’s Anatomy
    2012: Grey’s Anatomy
    2013: Grey’s Anatomy
    2014: Grey’s Anatomy
    2015: Grey’s Anatomy
    2016: Grey’s Anatomy

    The Tally:
    9 years- Grey’s Anatomy
    6 years- Beverly Hills, 90210
    4 years- Desperate Housewives
    3 years- Dawson’s Creek, Sisters and Melrose Place
    2 years- Models Inc, The O.C. and Party of Five
    1 year- Savannah, Brothers & Sisters and Felicity.

    NOTES: Unlike daytime dramas which aired continuously, nighttime soaps due to the nature of primetime programming often have periods of time where there is only one or no soap operas on the air. Thus some programming like “Grey’s Anatomy” is represented on the list more often despite actually having less of an impact on me personally.

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    Another fun thread! My daytime list would be fairly boring since I only watched NBC soaps until maybe 2000, and I never liked any of the other NBC soaps better than DAYS. There were probably a few years between 2006 and 2012 where maybe I was maybe enjoying another soap more, but it’s hard to remember. B&B is winning for this year, though!

    I love the addition of the primetime soaps. I’ll have to think about that one.

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    Feb 19th, 2012

    1973 All My Children
    1974 All My Children
    1975 Al My Children
    1976 Ryan’s Hope
    1977 Ryan’s Hope
    1978 Ryan’s Hope
    1979 All My Children
    1980 Ryan’s Hope
    1981 Guiding Light
    1982 All My Children
    1983 Ryan’s Hope
    1984 As The World Turns
    1985 As The World turns
    1986 As the World Turns
    1987 As The World Turns
    1988 As The World Turns
    1989 As The World Turns
    1990 As The World Turns
    1991 As The World Turns
    1992 As The World Turns
    1993 Guiding Light
    1994 Another World
    1995 Another World
    1996 Another World
    1997 Days Of our Lives
    1998 Another World
    1999 One Life To live
    2000 As The World Turns
    2001 As The World Turns
    2002 As The World Turns
    2003 As The World Turns
    2004 One Life To Live
    2005 One Life To Live
    2006 As The World Turns
    2007 One Life To Live
    2008 One Life To Live
    2009 As The World Turns
    2010 As The World Turns
    2011 Days Of Our Lives
    2012 Days Of Our Lives
    2013 Days of Our Lives
    2014 Days Of Our Lives
    2015 Days Of Our Lives
    2016 The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Feb 19th, 2012

    I have since seen episodes I didn’t see back then of The Edge Of Night and The Doctors. But I chose the shows I loved the most at the time. I preferred east coast soaps to west coast soaps; obviously, with the demise of all the east coast soaps the past 5-6 years I have chosen west coast soaps. I would say that ATWT has been my all-time favorite, followed by All My Children, Ryan’s Hope, Another World and Guiding Light. Doesn’t mean I havent’ loved GH, Y&R, Days, Capitol, B&B….

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    May 22nd, 2013

    It’s been a while but I’ll try

    96- GH(big SJB fan)
    98-GH/DOOL(SJB backburner for a few months surrounding maternity)
    I would have to say ATWT and DOOL satisfied me most with Emily and Hope being majorly frontburner. B&B was also one I liked as well. Late 98 was a great time.
    99-GH (DOOL dragged way too long with Gina and ATWT backburnered Emily)
    00-GH/DOOL(GH the first part of year but regardless I always looked forward to watching Carly but became a massive Chloe fan on DOOL as she usurped Hope as my favorite character)
    01-DOOL(the year GH and daytime started disrespecting SJB)
    02-ATWT/GH(DOOL wrote less for Chloe, ATWT started writing for Emily again from mid 2001 into most of 2002 outside of KMH’s ML. But GH got good with Guza back)
    03-ATWT/GH(this was a year I felt really bored, ATWT had Rose overload by the summer months after being so good and GH annoyed me with Michael but it was basically the only show I looked forward to watching the second half, I quit watching DOOL)
    04-ATWT(for the first few months GH was it with Carly and Lorenzo until she became Sonny’s pet again, then it became the Sam show, and from June on ATWT was great especially when SJB arrived)
    05-Y&R(was good up until the Sheila stuff and then GH got good with LW taking over Carly. Also ATWT had Jennifer Landon which was great early stuff with Gwen)
    06-Y&R(rather down year for the soaps imo because of LML ruining Y&R but the other soaps weren’t any better)
    08-GH(because of SJB, but second year was awful)
    09-Y&R/ATWT(the early stuff with MAB was good until it turned into the Adam and Billy show, ATWT’s last several months was much better than the first half)
    10-ATWT(but this was when I started to cut back on soap watching and took what was a almost permanent departure, had a rewatch briefly in 2015)

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