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Favorite actresses who were never nominated for Daytime Emmys, etc.

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    Feb 19th, 2012

    Just for fun, I was thinking about my favorites who never ever got even one Daytime Emmy nomination since I’ve been watching soaps (hint: I’ve been watching since I was 4 years old!) (; Here are my top ten and then some other names:

    1. Kathryn Hays (Kim, ATWT) – one of my all-time favorite daytime actresses, it’s crazy she was never nominated. She ought to have won for 1990-91, the Kim/Bob/Susan triangle year – and other times too.

    2. Kate Mulgrew (Mary, RH) – if there had been a younger actress category in 1975-78 she would have been eligible: she was 20-23 when she played Mary (other than her guest appearances as Mary’s ghost and her short-term role of Maura later on). She was superb!

    3. Karen Morris-Gowdy (Faith #3, RH) – She was truly amazing esp. in her final year. She played an alcoholic better than I have seen anyone play one. She was on the show from 1977-83.

    4. Constance Ford (Ada, AW) – Ada was formidable, feisty, strong, and wonderful! Amazed she was never nominated.

    5. Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) – a formidable opponent for Nora and touching at times too. She was stellar!

    6. Kate Collins (Natalie/Janet, AMC) – esp. when she played both roles, she was really outstanding.

    7. Julie Adams (Capitol) – blanking out on her character’s name, but she was a marvelous villainess.

    8. Nada Rowand (Kate, Loving) – a terrific supporting actress who got some tender storylines esp. with Emmy winner Bernard Barrow in the early 1990’s.

    9. Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days) – she’s still on her show but doesn’t really get Emmy reel material all that often, but esp. for the year that Kate was ill and her family gathered around her…

    10. Frances Fisher (Deborah, TEON) – I loved Deborah; esp. the year that Kim Hunter was on the show as Nola, one of the greatest daytime performances ever, Frances Fisher was her nemesis and was terrific!

    11. Anna Stuart (Donna, AW) – she was fierce! Amazed she was never nominated for her work.

    12. Holland Taylor (Denise, TEON) – she was only on her show for less than a year, but as so often was the case on TEON she shined brightly. She was a conniving villainess who staged her own death to look like a murder…

    So many others: Margaret Colin, ATWT; Marie Masters, ATWT; Lynne Thigpen, AMC; Teresa Blake, AMC; Jennifer Ashe, Loving and ATWT; Mary Kay Adams, GL; Tudi Wiggins, LOL; Marilyn Chris, OLTL; Patricia Elliott, OLTL; Sarah Felder, RH; Yasmine Bleeth, RH; Felicity LaFortune, RH; Catherine Hicks, RH; Jada Rowland, TD; Mina Kolb, Generations; Marcia McCabe, SFT; Marg Helgenberger, RH; Alice Barrett, AW; Gail Brown, AW; Alicia Coppola, AW; Nancy Frangione, AW; Stacey Haiduk, Y&R… I’m sure there are others who I have forgotten…

    Also: there have been actresses who have been nominated for one show but also deserved nominations for their work on other shows.

    Robin Mattson’s Janet on AMC; Lisa Brown’s Nola on GL; Hillary B Smith’s Margo on ATWT; Kimberlin Brown’s Sheila on B&B (she was nommed for playing Sheila on Y&R); jane Elliot’s Carrie on GL; Beverlee McKinsey’s Alexandra on GL; Ilene Kristen’s Delia on RH; Lynn Herring’s Lucy on PC (she was nommed for GH)…

    Then there were actresses who were nominated who really ought to have an Emmy or two on their mantles: Robin Mattson for GH or SB; Kathleen Widdoes for ATWT; Nancy Addison for RH; Jacklyn Zeman for GH; Maureen Garrett for GL; Victoria Wyndam and Beverlee McKinsey for AW; Jensen Buchanan for AW; Alison Sweeney for Days; Arianne Zucker for Days; Bree Williamson for OLTL; Beth Ehlers for GL; Eileen Herlie for AMC, Kim Hunter for TEON…

    So who are the actresses who would be on your list?

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    May 24th, 2011

    The name that comes to mind for me is Kristina Wagner for GH.   It is shocking to me that during the popularity of BJ’s death and Maxie’s transplant that Wagner who was stellar during that story didn’t get a nomination.

    The scene where Felicia realizes BJ is dead still gives me the chills.

    I also agree that Catherine Hickland being without a nomination is sad, she is a fantastic actress.

    The biggest tragedies for me though are the people who never earned a win despite stellar careers, and those are people like Robin Mattson, Robin Christopher, Lynn Herring, Jacklyn Zeman, Eva La Rue, Victoria Rowell and Elizabeth Hubbard (for ATWT).


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